The NURVV Run Launch Continues...

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The National Running Show

The NURVV Run launch continues at pace this weekend as the Team head to Birmingham NEC for The National Running Show.

The National Running ShowWe’re passionate about running and having worked on NURVV Run for the past three years nothing gets us more excited than getting out on the road and  helping people understand what type of runner they truly are.

Located next to the Inspiration Stage (booth L60) we will be offering runners of all abilities the chance to run on a treadmill and have their technique analysed. Using the data captured during a short workout our team of biomechanichists will provide feedback on cadence, step length, pronation and foot strike - key metrics in the quest to run faster and minimise injury.

We have limited spots available from 9am to 5pm each day, so if you are attending the Show and want to find out more send us an email at and we will book you in for a session.

The question is, have you got the NURVV? 







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