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“NURVV delivers simple actionable insights and in-run coaching.”
- Best Tech Products 2020
“Immersive live coaching provides actionable changes while you’re running.”
- Best New Running Tech and Gear
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How it works

NURVV RUN - How it works


Every step of your running technique recorded from the feet

  • Ultra slim smart insoles with 32 precision sensors which fit any shoe.
  • Metrics measured 1000 times per second with world leading GPS tracking.
  • A complete picture of your running, which you don't get with other wearables.
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Unrivalled Running Insight

  • In addition to pace, distance, time and calories, explore cadence, step length, footstrike and pronation.
  • Generate your Running Health score and learn to run more sustainably.
  • Understand your Training Load to minimise injury and increase fitness
Unrivalled Running Insight


Improve every aspect of your run with real-time coaching

  • Tailored tips and exercises to improve your technique and performance.
  • A range of indoor and outdoor running experiences to help you improve your running, from Pace Coach to Footstrike Trainer.
  • In-run audio cues, visual and haptic feedback give you live coaching to help keep you on pace.

Running made simple


Fit ultra slim insoles under your running insoles and attach trackers


Download the app and track your run with every step on iOS, Android, Garmin® and Apple™ Watch


Get personalised running insights and start your journey towards improved running performance and lower injury risk with NURVV

"If you are a runner you will not regret the purchase."


NURVV Runner

"...this is a great investment if you are a curious runner that uses technology to protect against injuries and or look to improve his/her running skills."


NURVV Runner

"Probably the single coolest running tech I’ve ever used! It’s so intuitive and quickly learns your running style and foot pattern to coach you for what’s best for you."


NURVV Runner

"After using this for about 2 weeks now, I can definitely say these insoles have increased my speed and motivated me to stay on track. I also think these have really taught me to be a better runner."


NURVV Runner

"If you’re a big runner and want something to give you a little extra coaching and really nail down technique, these insoles are really something that might be helpful."


NURVV Runner