Meet our founders and discover the story behind NURVV Run

Our story

Founded in London in 2015 and launched in 2019, NURVV Run is a revolutionary running wearable measuring data from the main point of action – the feet.

Providing runners with key insights on performance and running technique, NURVV Run gives you the power to adjust your performance when and where it counts – in real time, on the road.

How it all started

In 2015, NURVV Run founders Jason and Ulrica Roberts’ love of materials led them to discover a new type of sensor. A sensor that could help transform the science of sports tracking.

The co-founders of protective phone case company tech21, were performing tests in the UK’s National Physical Laboratory in the quest to measure impact on phone cases when they saw the opportunity to take this technology to wearables, with its ability to measure running data from the most logical body point, the feet.

Alongside top biomechanist Dr Grant Trewartha, and a team of athletes and sports scientists from across the UK and US, they set about designing NURVV’s revolutionary insoles and trackers.

Merging biomechanics and technology, NURVV’s intuitive app, real-time coaching, and actionable insights on technique, pace and training, which gives runners access to information previously only available in a sports lab both at home and on the run.

Designed to boost performance and reduce injury risk, NURVV Run has been helping runners run faster and lessen their injury risk since 2019.

Our mission

NURVV fuses science and technology to provide runners with the power to understand what their bodies are truly capable of. Our mission is to help everyone find their true running potential.

Our values

Be trustworthy
We’ll only ever give you accurate and useful guidance to improve
Be connected
We run with you
Be inspiring
We motivate you to achieve your true potential
Be innovative
We seek out the new, and strive to be brave
Be persistent
We never give up and push through barriers

A new concept in running

NURVV Run is for all runners. Whether you’re taking the first steps on your running journey or a running veteran, NURVV’s personalised data and tailored insights will empower you to run faster, reduce injury risk and achieve your running goals.

The NURVV culture

NURVV is a London based startup with an ambitious goal of changing the way people view health and fitness through a new category of wearables. This huge challenge requires brave and talented people who just like many athletes we serve are pushing themselves to achieve their personal best.

Our culture is based on bringing out the best in people, we have a diverse team which works in a typical startup manner, thriving on passion and chaos while focusing on the customer at all times.

We know that employee engagement comes with working on exciting products while being given the ability to take risks. Our atmosphere is fluid, we are continually striving to improve while having fun as we learn and grow.

If you are interested in a career at NURVV:

Img better together 2x
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Better together

At NURVV Run, community is key. We love hearing about your running and your insight informs every decision we take. We work hard to incorporate your most requested features and training tools into NURVV. Together, we are NURVV Run.

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