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NURVV Run is a new sports wearable that measures your running biomechanics from both feet. The NURVV Run Coaching App analyzes your data to give you unique insights into your running technique and provides in-run coached workouts to help you become a better runner.

Two ultra-thin comfortable insoles
32 precision sensors
Free coaching app
All weather
5+ Hours active battery life
World leading accuracy
Works with custom insoles / orthotics

Unique running insights to know exactly how you run

NURVV Run measures running where it happens – your feet. NURVV's foot-based sensor network can provide running data that no other wearable can, with world-leading accuracy. NURVV Run gives the most complete analysis of running available via a wearable product today.

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Unique metrics captured

Metric profiles over time

Following each run, the NURVV Run Coaching App will provide a full analysis of your performance and running technique. See your distance, time, pace, splits, elevation, calories, cadence, step length, footstrike, and pronation. Then simply tap on each metric to get a form report providing additional insights and suggestions for performance improvements.

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Strava integration

As the saying goes, ‘if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen’. Our latest app release integrates NURVV Run with Strava. All your runs with NURVV will now sync to the social platform, so you’ve got all your running data in one place.

Run faster with live in-run coaching to personalized targets

NURVV Run reacts to your performance in real-time with targeted audio, visual, and haptic feedback during workouts, telling you what to do to make every run a success. Audio feedback works seamlessly with all your favorite music apps.

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Pace coach

NURVV Run’s Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace by optimizing your cadence and step length – the two metrics that together determine your pace. Simply choose the pace you want to run at, and Pace Coach will create a workout with cadence and step length target zones based on your unique running form.

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Footstrike trainer

Footstrike Trainer is an indoor run workout that provides real-time visualization of your footstrike on both the left and right foot – so you can see exactly how your feet land each and every step. Explore how different foot landings feel, monitor whether you can maintain your footstrike as you fatigue, and ensure you are running with a balanced form.

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Manage your injury risk with a unique running health score

As NURVV knows exactly how you run, it can tell you if you're at risk of injury, or not. A unique and easy to understand Running Health Score provides a personalized picture of how you are running today and helps predict how sustainable your running is, to make injuries a thing of the past.

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Unique Running Health score

Once you’ve completed at least 10km of running and four separate runs, you get a personalized Running Health score between 0-100 to indicate how sustainable your running is based on your:

Training load
Left/Right balance

Motivation to improve

The Running Health radar identifies which aspect of your technique needs most attention to keep your injury risk down.


Our latest app update is here

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Manage your daily mileage

Nurvv’s unique daily run allowance suggests your running distance each day to maintain your optimal training load helping you minimize injury while increasing your fitness. Manual run entry allows you to track your training load for runs completed without NURVV.

Compatible with Heart Rate monitors

NURVV Run connects to your Bluetooth Heart Rate (HR) monitor to provide live HR zone cues during run and a comprehensive report on your heart rate after each run so you can manage your training more effectively.

Auto pause

Automatically pauses your run when you have to stop for an unforeseen circumstance. An auto pause notification through both the display and audio cues tells you when you have paused and when you have resumed.

Running made simple

NURVV Run couldn’t be easier to use, just follow these simple steps



Insert the ultra-thin insoles under your running insoles and attach the trackers, NURVV works with all types of shoe inserts and custom footbeds



Download the app and go for your first run. NURVV works with iOS and Android smartphones, with a Garmin and Apple Watch



Get personalized insights into your running and create a technique workout to get in run coaching feedback on your step length and cadence

"...this is a great investment if you are a curious runner that uses technology to protect against injuries and or look to improve his/her running skills."


NURVV Run Member

"Probably the single coolest running tech I’ve ever used! It’s so intuitive and quickly learns your running style and foot pattern to coach you for what’s best for you."


NURVV Run Member

"After using this for about 2 weeks now, I can definitely say these insoles have increased my speed and motivated me to stay on track. I also think these have really taught me to be a better runner."


NURVV Run Member

"If you’re a big runner and want something to give you a little extra coaching and really nail down technique, these insoles are really something that might be helpful."


NURVV Run Member

"If you are a runner you will not regret the purchase."


NURVV Run Member


Yes. NURVV Run can be used indoors.

An Indoor Run mode is offered and provides In-Run coaching for the duration of the session.

Why Does NURVV Run Say Something Different to The Treadmill?

When completing an Indoor workout, you might notice some discrepancies between the values displayed on Nurvv Run and the treadmill.

This can be due to a number of factors, the most important being that the treadmill is set at a constant speed, whilst the actual speed of your moving body that is generated by your feet will vary between each stride. Nurvv is sensitive and accurate enough to pick up those variations.

The type and condition (age and calibration history) of the treadmill will also determine the accuracy of the treadmill (e.g. does the belt speed match the displayed speed). Additionally, any flex/bounce in the treadmill belt could slightly affect the accuracy of your NURVV speed and distance metrics.

After the initial pairing of NURVV Run trackers to the phone, it will then be possible for NURVV to work with Garmin without needing the phone. Check here to see if your ANT+ device is supported.

Note, at this stage, only Outdoor Run can be configured.

Setting up the NURVV Run app

Turn on ANT+ in your NURVV Run app

  • Select Settings
  • Manage trackers
  • Select your trackers
  • Toggle ANT+ on

Setting Up Garmin Watch

Identify the Tracker ANT+ ID number

  • On the watch, head to the settings page – hold the up button until a list appears, and then use the down button to reach the 'Sensors & Accessories' tab.
  • Press the select/start button on the Garmin to see what sensors are visible to the watch.
  • If you are connecting NURVV for the first time and you can not see it on the list of devices, select the 'Add New' option.
  • Scroll down to select 'Foot Pod'.
  • Find the number which matches the device ID provided by the NURVV Run app.
  • Use the select/start button to choose the NURVV trackers and connect the trackers to the watch.

Enabling NURVV metrics on the watch

  • Hold the 'up' button to navigate from the main screen.
  • Go to 'Activities & Apps'.
  • Select 'Run' as the activity by pressing the select/start button.
  • Go to 'Run Settings'.
  • Scroll down to 'GPS' and press 'Off'.
  • This will allow the GPS to be switched off, enabling the distance and pace metrics to come from NURVV and not Garmin.

Changing the display fields on the Garmin screen

  • Hold the up button to navigate to the settings screen.
  • Scroll down to 'Activities & Apps'.
  • Select the desired activity using the Start/Stop button (e.g. Running / Treadmill mode).
  • Go to 'Settings' for that activity.
  • Once inside the selected activity, you can select what data screens are on display (select 'Data Screens').
  • Distance, pace, speed, and cadence are recommended.

NURVV Run is now set up with the trackers on the watch. To start a session, the trackers must be showing a slow pulsing green light on the left tracker. If the session is going to start via the phone, then you will have a pulsing green LED on the right instead of the flashing blue and yellow.

For maximum consistency between the Garmin and NURVV, both sessions should be started simultaneously, either through pressing the start button on the phone and the Garmin 4 seconds later (after the countdown), or the activity button (on the right tracker) and the Garmin at the same time.

Subsequent pausing/finishing of sessions should continue to be as close together as possible on the devices to maintain accuracy.

What is a Pace Coach Workout?

Pace Coach is a unique workout provided by the NURVV Run app, which offers in-run technique coaching to keep you on track in terms of Cadence and Step Length to ensure you meet your target pace.

Pace Coach can be used in several different ways - it can help you run faster, perform an interval session, or control your pace on a recovery run.

The in-run experience of a Pace Coach workout works best if you run these workouts on a route with relatively level terrain.

Yes, you can run phone-free with your NURVV Run.

Starting a Phone-Free Outdoor Run:
  1. Turn the trackers on and head outside without your phone.
  2. Wait for the left tracker status light to display a slow pulsing green light, indicating that it is ready to run. This should take no longer than 20-30 seconds. The right trackers might be blinking blue and yellow indicating that they are searching for your mobile device.
  3. Red and yellow lights indicate that the trackers are searching for GPS. It is important that you remain still during this process to get the quickest connection.
  4. Once you see pulsing green lights on the left tracker, press the Activity button (the large button on your right tracker) to start an Outdoor run. The left tracker status lights will change to a quick flashing green, indicating that the run has started.
  5. To pause your phone free run, press the activity button. In the paused state, your trackers LED lights with flash green and yellow.
  6. To restart your run from the paused state, simply press the activity button again or to end your run, hold down the activity button for 4 seconds. Your tracker will return to a slow pulsing green. You can then turn off your trackers.
  7. Your runs will be stored on your trackers until they are uploaded to the app.
Other Types of Phone-Free Runs

Pressing the Activity button starts an Outdoor run by default. If you'd like to go for another type of run phone-free, simply configure the trackers using the NURVV Run app and then start your phone-free run using the Activity button as described above.


  1. In-run audio cues cannot be delivered unless the NURVV Run app is connected to your trackers and a pair of compatible wired/Bluetooth headphones. If you're interested in running phone-free whilst benefiting from NURVV Run's live status and coaching cues, consider using our NURVV Run Apple Watch app or pairing your trackers to a compatible ANT+ device.
  2. If your trackers are powered off, they will revert to the default configuration, and an Outdoor run will be started if the Activity button is pressed. If your trackers are powered off following configuration for another type of run, you will need to turn them on and re-configure using the NURVV Run app before starting your phone-free run.

Linking your NURVV Run app to Strava means that any runs you do with NURVV Run will sync automatically to Strava.

To link your NURVV Run data to your Strava profile, head to Settings and tap on Connect to Strava.

Tap Connect with STRAVA and follow the prompts to link NURVV Run to your Strava account

If you don't see the option to connect to Strava, try connecting your device to the internet, and try again.

To unlink NURVV Run from Strava, navigate to Connect to Strava and tap Disconnect.

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