NURVV is the ideal technology platform for remote patient monitoring

Remote Gait assessments

Remote Gait assessments

NURVV technology is capable of providing remote gait assessments away from the clinic. Understand how your patients move in the real world.

All-day Monitoring

All-day Monitoring

NURVV can be used for unobtrusive continuous daily monitoring of walking patterns. Track your progress and self-manage your rehabilitation.

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Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Vitality

Walking as a Marker of Health and Disease

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Impaired walking can be indicated in a range of disease conditions and injuries, including Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimers, Orthopaedics, and Stroke.

The restoration of walking is a fundamental goal of many rehabilitation programmes.

“Normal human walking requires a high level of movement coordination between our extremities and the trunk. Constantly monitoring our walking pattern is a way to examine our health because the central nervous system is involved intensively to control the limb movements and the function of posture control while our body is moving.”

Liu et al

2021, Frontiers in Computer Science

Gait Analysis

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Currently, clinical gait analysis occurs in clinics / laboratories using expensive and time-consuming equipment​.

Remote monitoring of patients with wearables has a growing evidence base and use as part of an intelligent healthcare approach​.

The measurement of walking movement patterns with wearable technology can be diagnostic for a range of disease conditions, can indicate progress of rehabilitation, and can provide immediate feedback to patients for gait retraining and self-management.

“Wearable sensors, … provide a low-cost, portable solution for obtaining functional measures similar to those captured with three dimensional gait analysis”

Bolam et al

2021, Sensors

“In the future, they could potentially detect a serious medical condition before physical symptoms manifest”

Shwen Gwee

Vice President and Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb​

A proven wearable technology

In releasing the NURVV Run product to the consumer technology market, NURVV has demonstrated the power of its technology platform to provide advanced monitoring of walking and running activities at a price point which allows large-scale use with patient populations.

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“The future of consumer technology is directly connected to the future of healthcare”

Deborah Di Sanzo

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Walking measured from the point of action - the feet

NURVV Run Insole


High-specification sensor platform including 16-sensor insoles (@ 1000 Hz), IMUs (32g @ 1125 Hz) for inertial navigation, GPS receiver, barometer


A range of unique high-quality gait metrics that can be trusted due to advanced foot-based sensors and rigorous testing


iOS / Android phone and smartwatch apps for real-time biofeedback as you walk/run and analysis features to inspect data trends


Flexible pressure insoles and connected pods with universal fit into all types of shoes

Long-Lasting Battery

Battery life to allow full-day use. Data storage sufficient for multi-day usage


Rain. Mud and puddle-proof so you can walk/run worry-free in all weathers. Proven durability with thousands of NURVV Run users running in the wild

NURVV Healthcare - Case Studies

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Toe Walking

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