Measure your running from the feet


Running measured from the source of the action

NURVV Run is a new sports wearable that measures your running from both feet. NURVV Run is for runners that want to improve their technique, to run faster and reduce injury risk.

Two smart insoles with 32 precision sensors that fit any shoe
Unique technique metrics measured at 1,000 times-per-second
Built-in GPS measures with world leading accuracy
Quick and easy to use: Fit Nurvv, track your runs, know how to improve.
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A new level of insight to your running technique

“This new approach tells you everything you need to know about your running. By understanding exactly how your body moves we can offer insights and live in run coaching to help you improve.”

Dr grant

Dr Trewartha

Head of NURVV Biomechanics

Technique profiles

Explore your distance, time, pace, splits, elevation, heart rate, calories, cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation and balance

Form reports

Tailored training tips and exercises to help you work on your technique and performance improvements

Pace coaching

Create a workout with personalized cadence and step length target zones and in-run alerts based on your unique running form

Running health score

A unique and easy to understand score, indicating how sustainable your running is based on your new NURVV technique metrics and training behavior

Training load

A unique daily run allowance suggests your running distance each day to maintain your optimal training load helping you minimize injury while increasing your fitness. Manual run entry allows you to track your training load for runs completed without Nurvv.

Footstrike trainer

An indoor workout that provides real-time visualization of your actual foot landing pattern to see if there is an imbalance and potential injury risk

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Live coaching based on your performance

Get personalized insights and live in-run audio and visual coaching to help you run to a target pace.

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"...this is a great investment if you are a curious runner that uses technology to protect against injuries and or look to improve his/her running skills."


NURVV Run Member

"Probably the single coolest running tech I’ve ever used! It’s so intuitive and quickly learns your running style and foot pattern to coach you for what’s best for you."


NURVV Run Member

"After using this for about 2 weeks now, I can definitely say these insoles have increased my speed and motivated me to stay on track. I also think these have really taught me to be a better runner."


NURVV Run Member

"If you’re a big runner and want something to give you a little extra coaching and really nail down technique, these insoles are really something that might be helpful."


NURVV Run Member

"If you are a runner you will not regret the purchase."


NURVV Run Member


NURVV Run is for all runners! Whether you are new to running or already an expert looking for that extra edge to improve your performance, NURVV Run is for you. NURVV Run can help runners of all levels to run faster and stay injury-free.

Running measured from where it counts

For the first time ever, you can know exactly how you run outside the sports lab. NURVV Run insoles use 32 precision sensors to measure your technique every step of your run. By combining technology and the science of biomechanics, NURVV Run helps you become a better runner.

Know how you run

NURVV Run measures the most important technique metrics to give you a complete picture of your running style – cadence, footstrike, step length, pronation, and left/right balance.

Live in run coaching

Get help when it really matters. Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace with personalized step length and cadence coaching as you run. Audio, visual, and haptic feedback help provide focus when you want to run faster, during interval workouts or on recovery runs.

Motivation to improve

With Running Health we’ve created an easy way to understand how sustainable your running is. The radar graph highlights key elements of your running while the Health Score gives you a benchmark to measure progress. We even provide tips on how to improve and guidance on how far you should run each week.

The NURVV Run insoles are 1.2 mm thick. They've been designed to be used in conjunction with the user's choice of insole, helping to maximize comfort. It's also possible to use NURVV Run insoles in conjunction with orthotics.

The whole NURVV Run system (insoles + trackers) weighs 4.4-5.3oz / 125-150g. Precise weight depends on the size of the insoles.

How will Wearing NURVV Run Affect My Running?

NURVV Run has been tested by hundreds of runners across thousands of runs. These runners have reported that NURVV Run is not noticeable during their running.

NURVV Run is rain, mud and puddle proof. It has been tested to withstand repeated submergence in puddles, but it is not recommended that you fully submerge your NURVV Run for extended periods.

IMPORTANT: When removing and replacing the trackers on the clips, it's important to keep the gold connectors dry on both trackers and clips.

If you use your NURVV Run product in heavy rain or submerge it in puddles, we recommend that you place it in a warm, dry space with plenty of airflow and allow it to dry out fully before next use.

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