Insights & coaching

NURVV Run analyses your technique, then trains you into a better, healthier runner as you hit your goals and manage injury risk.

Running measured from
the point of action

NURVV Run Insole

32 Precision Sensors

16 high-precision sensors for each foot capture data where it matters most

Unique Technique Metrics

Insole measurements taken 1,000 times per second feed running metrics only available with NURVV

Live Coaching

Audio and visual cues as you run, with dynamic workouts for Pace, Footstrike and Power to keep you on target


Soft, light and breathable. Designed to fit comfortably in any running shoe and with any custom insole

Long-Lasting Battery

5+ hours usage from a single charge


Rain, mud and puddle-proof so you can run worry-free in all weathers.

How NURVV Run can transform your running

An award-winning sports wearable based at the foot, providing a complete picture of your running which you don’t get with other apps or devices.

Two smart insoles measure unique metrics such as footstrike, pronation and balance, then provide you with a bespoke Running Health score; showing which areas you are at risk of injury and specific ways to prevent this.

NURVV RUN Features

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NEW: Running Economy

NEW: Running Economy

Run further, faster and longer

A new way to understand and improve your running performance.

Running Economy measures how effectively you use energy when you run. NURVV Run calculates Running Economy as the distance covered per calorie (metres or feet per kcal). The more distance you can cover per calorie, the better your Running Economy.

Improve your Running Economy and you’ll be able to run further, hold a pace for longer and even shave time off your PB. It’s a great indicator of how fast you could run over a goal distance, such as an upcoming race.

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NEW: Form Coach

Personalised form workouts

Form Coach shows you how to improve your Running Economy, provides the real-world performance benefits you could see and guides you through the process by creating personalised form workouts.

Form Coach works by analysing your running technique at the pace ranges you typically run in. This could be the easy pace you use on long runs, the faster speeds you use for shorter distances and races, and the all-out pace you ace your intervals with.

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NEW: Cadence Workout

Boost your running performance

Simple tweaks to your running form and could boost your running performance so you can run further, faster and longer.

Working on your Cadence can help you improve your speed and run more efficiently. It could also reduce the impact on your body as you make contact with the ground, potentially reducing your injury risk.

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NEW: Step Length Workout

Boost your running performance

Simple tweaks to your running form and could boost your running performance so you can run further, faster and longer.

Running with optimal Step Length can help you run more efficiently and boost your speed. Runners who overstride – when the foot lands too far in front of the body – can suffer recurring injuries, so working on your Step Length could help keep your running strong, too.

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Running Power

Running Power

Achieve your running goals with power

The first ever wearable tech to measure Running Power and unique form metrics from the feet.

Control your running despite external factors changing. Running Power is a measure of real-time effort and the rate of energy being expressed at any given moment.

Coming in 3 parts our Power feature is a performance tool to coach you to your personal goals. Power Metric is included in all runs, you can control the intensity of your run using Power with audio and visual cues. Power Test is a workout to help you determine your Threshold Power and Power Workout is designed to personally coach you in interval style training through Power Zones led by dynamic audio and visual cues.

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Running Health

Manage your injury risk with a unique Running Health score

As NURVV knows exactly how you run, it can tell you if you're at risk of injury, or not. A unique and easy to understand Running Health Score provides a personalized picture of how you are running today and helps predict how sustainable your running is, to make injuries a thing of the past.

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Pace Coach

Run faster with live in-run coaching to a personalized Pace Coach

NURVV Run’s Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace by optimizing your cadence and step length – the two metrics that together determine your pace. Simply choose the pace you want to run at, and Pace Coach will create a workout with cadence and step length target zones based on your unique running form.

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Footstrike Coach

Adapt your Footstrike and hone your running form, to benefit your running and reduce injury risk

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor runs, Footstrike Coach is real-time, coached workouts with increasingly challenging levels unlocked as you progress.

NEW: Garmin® Connect-IQ app for richer compatibility than ever before

Our new Connect-IQ (CIQ) app now allows Garmin® watch users to control NURVV Run from the wrist and display NURVV metrics on their watch during run.

Garmin® Connect-IQ
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Works with...

NURVV Run compatible with Apple Watch

Apple™ Watch

NURVV Run compatible with Garmin Watch

Garmin® Watch

NURVV Run compatible with Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

NURVV Run compatible with Strava and Apple Health

Strava & Apple Health


Img app step length

Step Length

Records the distance you travel with each step, a key metric that influences your pace.

Img app step length
Img app footstrike


Captures where your foot makes initial contact with the ground, encouraging positive change.

Img app footstrike


footstrikes captured using NURVV Run

Img app pronation


Highlights over and under pronation, helping you reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Img app pronation

"NURVV provides cutting-edge feedback, previously available only in high-tech running labs. My first few runs with NURVV insoles exposed excessive pronation in neutral shoes.”

Third place finisher jared ward celebrates as he approaches news photo 1588084979 1

Jared Ward

6th place, 2016 Olympics

Img app cadence


Monitors your steps per minute, an important step towards improving your running economy.

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“I’ve been using NURVV Run for the past five months now to help me improve my running. I’ve specifically been working on cadence to increase my speed so I can chase down those PBs.”

Harry Jameson 1

Harry Jameson

Elite Performance Coach


Calculates your degree of left-right balance, identifying any asymmetries in your gait.

As well as standard metrics recorded with world leading accuracy

  • Distance

  • Time

  • Pace

  • Splits

  • Elevation

  • Calories

  • Heart Rate

NURVV Run Insoles & Coaching App