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NURVV Run Smart Insoles

  • An award-winning sports wearable that measures your running from the point of impact
  • Smart running insoles with lightweight trackers that fit any running shoe
  • Provides insight, guidance and coaching to help you run smarter, train healthier, improve faster
  • Pair NURVV with your Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor, Garmin® or Apple™ Watch and Strava for a complete training experience

Product Detail

  • 32 precision sensors collect data from the foot with world-leading accuracy that can only be replicated in a sports lab

  • Ultra slim, super soft, lightweight and fit comfortably under any running insole

  • Real time coaching with targeted audio, visual and haptic feedback to help you progress outdoors or on the treadmill

  • Footstrike Trainer, Pace Coach, Running Health score and recommended optimal training load to minimize injury and increase fitness

  • Durable

  • 5+ Hours battery life

  • All weather

Whats in the box

Img witb insoles
Two ultra-light insoles
Img witb trackers
Two trackers (weighing 0.8 oz / 22.7 g each)
Img witb charger
One charger and charging cable
Img witb clips
Two clip adapters
Img witb app
Free coaching app


NURVV Run works with:

iOS: 12 or above (iPhone 6s or above)
Android™: 8.0 (Oreo) or above
Apple Watch Series 3 or above
ANT+ (Garmin)
Any Bluetooth HRM

Can also be used phone-free


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NURVV Run is for all runners! Whether you are new to running or already an expert looking for that extra edge to improve your performance, NURVV Run is for you. NURVV Run can help runners of all levels to run faster and stay injury-free.

Yes, you can run phone-free with your NURVV Run.

Starting a Phone-Free Outdoor Run:
  1. Turn the trackers on and head outside without your phone.
  2. Wait for the left tracker status light to display a slow pulsing green light, indicating that it is ready to run. This should take no longer than 20-30 seconds. The right trackers might be blinking blue and yellow indicating that they are searching for your mobile device.
  3. Red and yellow lights indicate that the trackers are searching for GPS. It is important that you remain still during this process to get the quickest connection.
  4. Once you see pulsing green lights on the left tracker, press the Activity button (the large button on your right tracker) to start an Outdoor run. The left tracker status lights will change to a quick flashing green, indicating that the run has started.
  5. To pause your phone free run, press the activity button. In the paused state, your trackers LED lights with flash green and yellow.
  6. To restart your run from the paused state, simply press the activity button again or to end your run, hold down the activity button for 4 seconds. Your tracker will return to a slow pulsing green. You can then turn off your trackers.
  7. Your runs will be stored on your trackers until they are uploaded to the app.
Other Types of Phone-Free Runs

Pressing the Activity button starts an Outdoor run by default. If you'd like to go for another type of run phone-free, simply configure the trackers using the NURVV Run app and then start your phone-free run using the Activity button as described above.


  1. In-run audio cues cannot be delivered unless the NURVV Run app is connected to your trackers and a pair of compatible wired/Bluetooth headphones. If you're interested in running phone-free whilst benefiting from NURVV Run's live status and coaching cues, consider using our NURVV Run Apple Watch app or pairing your trackers to a compatible ANT+ device.
  2. If your trackers are powered off, they will revert to the default configuration, and an Outdoor run will be started if the Activity button is pressed. If your trackers are powered off following configuration for another type of run, you will need to turn them on and re-configure using the NURVV Run app before starting your phone-free run.

The NURVV Run app will run on both iOS and Android phones.

Apple iPhone

NURVV Run is compatible with iPhone 6S and above, running iOS 13 onwards.

i) Bluetooth issues with iOS 16 mean we cannot recommend the use of iOS 16 with NURVV at this time.
ii) NURVV Run is not compatible with the 2016 iPhone SE.

Apple Watch

NURVV Run is compatible with Apple Watch, from Series 3 onwards, running WatchOS 5 or above.

Android Phones

NURVV Run is compatible with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or above.

NURVV Run is not compatible with the Google Pixel 4 or the LG Phoenix 3

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

NURVV Run has compatibility with Heart Rate Monitors which use Bluetooth

Other Compatible Devices

NURVV Run is compatible with ANT+ devices and supports the Stride-Based Speed and Distance profile.

For a full list of compatible ANT+ devices, click here.

To see a guide to using NURVV Run with a Garmin watch, click here.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what others have to say...

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“Move over Fitbit - here comes NURVV Run”
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“NURVV is a really impressive bit of tech that offers something new compared to wrist-based run trackers – the ability to track your pronation and footstrike patterns.”
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“NURVV’s smart insoles are a powerful tool for both new and seasoned running pros.”
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“As a way to optimize your running based on data, I'm not sure I've ever seen a better tool.”
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“The Nurvv Run insoles have made me rethink the way I run.”
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“NURVV’s high-tech insoles will revolutionize your runs. With 32 sensors analyzing your gait, these insoles (and app) provide a detailed analysis of everything from your stride length to your pronation.”

Our Community

169743106 118306553688416 6672539473492920220 n


Since using @nurvv in training my running health has improved, my balance has & I am still working on my pronation. Which therefore helped my training which has already shown in my last race.

161902368 720481865306171 1955320584579761998 n


Rest day today ahead of my 10k TT on Saturday!

164458273 449375906272252 6793154095488151961 n


So after playing/testing/using the @Nurvv for almost a month, I can definitely say this gadget made me more aware of my running form and potential injury risks.

157358387 469989467522002 7698604382241044555 n


Nice flat recovery run today focusing on stride and foot placement with my nurvv run sensors in my vapor fly Nikes. I learned a lot from Coach Diaz when I went out to California last year and I try on a daily basis to implement his knowledge.