7 need-to-know benefits of Running Power

Running Power is the new run metric set to revolutionise your training. Measured in watts, it gauges the amount of effort you’re expending at any given moment as you run. The higher the watts, the harder you’re working.

Want to know how Running Power can benefit your training? Try these 7 amazing benefits for size.

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1. It’s instant

Unlike some metrics, Running Power is instant. As there’s no time lag, you don’t need to wait for your metrics to catch up with your output. You know just how hard you’re working every single second.

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2. It’s measured from the source

NURVV Run’s Running Power metric is measured from the source of the action – your feet. The most reliable point on your body to measure the power you’re generating with each step.

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3. It takes hills into account

If you run to pace, you’ll know it can be hard to hit your speed on the hills. You risk pushing too hard on the ups, tiring early and slowing down, or blowing up later in your run.

Running Power takes external factors such as gradient into account, meaning you can calculate just how much effort to put in on the ups, the flats and the downs, to keep to a consistent pace.

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4. It knows how the weather affects your run

Headwinds and tailwinds can play havoc with your speed.

Go out too fast when in a headwind, and the extra effort you’re putting in means you’re likely to crash and burn. Head out for a run with a tailwind, and it’s tempting to cruise and let the wind do the work.

Running Power takes these external factors into account, so you can put in the exact effort needed to meet your training goals every single run.

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5. You can see your fitness improve

Running Power is measured in watts. The higher the watts, the harder you’re working. The lower the watts, the less effort you’re exerting.

As your fitness improves and your running becomes more efficient, you’ll see the improvement. You’ll be running your regular routes and speeds with lower watts.

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6. It can prevent overtraining

Running Power ensures your easy runs, intervals and tempos are all run at the optimal intensity to meet your training goals. So you don’t push too hard or up the intensity on your easier runs, risking injury and burnout.

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7. It helps you ace your races

Running Power really comes into its own on race day.

When you’re used to running at a certain power in training, you know you can maintain it regardless of terrain. So there’s no risk of going out too fast and clinging on for dear life.

Running Power takes the twists, turns and gradients of a course into account so you’ll know you can run to power without blowing up or hitting the wall before you reach the finish line.

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