CADENCE & STEP LENGTH WORKOUTS: the secret to improving your running technique

If you want to run further, faster and more efficiently, it’s not just a matter of getting the training miles in. Working on your running technique can reduce the amount of energy you expend – so you can go faster and longer with less effort. It can also help lower your risk of running-related injury. Win, win.

Not sure where to start? By measuring your running from the place where it matters – your feet – NURVV Run identifies any areas of your running form where you could make improvements and gives you the tools you need to unlock your potential.

Two common areas where runners can improve are Cadence (the number of steps you take each minute as you run) and Step Length (the length of each step you take). Which is why we designed our Cadence and Step Length workouts. Here’s what you need to know:

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Cadence Workouts

Working on your Cadence can help you improve your speed and run more efficiently. It could also reduce the impact on your body as you make contact with the ground, potentially reducing your injury risk.

To concentrate on your Cadence when using NURVV, just hit Workouts in the app and choose Cadence. Here you can build your own ideal workout.

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For each section of your Workout, choose the Pace and Cadence you’d like to achieve and NURVV will provide you with audio and on-screen cues to help to keep you on target.

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After your workout you’ll get a handy little summary showing all the data from your run and where you hit and missed your target. Manage to ace your Cadence goal and you might even win an in-app medal!

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Step Length Workouts

Running with optimal Step Length can help you run more efficiently and boost your speed. Runners who overstride – when the foot lands too far in front of the body – can suffer recurring injuries, so working on your Step Length could help keep your running strong, too.

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To start a Step Length Workout, head over to Workouts in your NURVV Run app and build a workout, specifying the Pace and Step Length you want to achieve in each section.

During your run you’ll receive audio and on-screen coaching cues to help you stay on target.

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Once you’ve finished your run, NURVV gives you a Workout Summary letting you know just how often you hit your target and where you missed out. You’ll even get a Workout Score based on how close you were to your goal. Your challenge is to improve that Workout Score over time.

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NURVV Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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