Creating a Base Run to use with Pace Coach

Creating a Base Run

A Base Run is the starting point for creating a Workout using Pace Coach. It can be any distance you choose but typically we find the usual training distances such as 0.5 miles, 1km, 1 miles and 5km to be some of the most useful.

Before beginning the workout find yourself a safe flat road, pathway or pavement to record your base run. An out and back is fine and a loop is even better. Run for around 15 minutes as a warm up, gradually raising your heart rate.

  1. Once you are ready, open the NURVV App on your smart phone and tap on the Run tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Outside Run and wait for the trackers to update and the GPS signal to be found. This typically takes around a minute, or so.
  3. This will be the Base Run for various Workouts and should be completed at a steady effort level - around 6 out of 10 - on a relatively flat surface. Needless to say, don’t try and set a new PR on this one.
  4. When the app is ready the Run button will turn black, press this and you will get the 3-2-1-Go countdown.
  5. When you have run for a distance that represents a regular or typical training run tap and hold the Stop button.

  6. Once the app has received the data from the trackers - which usually takes a second or two - you will be shown key data for the run including distance time and pace, and technique metrics such as step length, cadence, probation, and footstrike. The route will also be shown on a map.
  7. By tapping on the X on the top right of the screen you can close the workout and return to the Home screen. The run can now be found in the History tab at the bottom of the screen alongside and any other runs you have completed.

With Base Run created you can now use Pace Coach to optimize your running technique using a variety of workouts. You can read about the benefits of using Pace Coach here and step by step guides show you how to do the following:

Using Pace Coach to get Faster

Using Pace Coach for Intervals

Using Pace Coach on Recovery Runs

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