FORM COACH: Your new NURVV Run coaching tool

Form Coach is the powerful new coaching tool from NURVV Run, designed to help you improve your running technique and unlock your hidden potential.

Form Coach works in tandem with Running Economy – the NURVV tool that shows you just how much energy you use as you workout. The less energy you expend with each step, the further, faster and longer you can run.

Sounds good, huh?

How does Form Coach work?

Form Coach works by analysing your running technique at the pace ranges you typically run in. This could be the easy pace you use on long runs, the faster speeds you use for shorter distances and races, and the all-out pace you ace your intervals with.

In each Pace Range, Form Coach looks for instances where your Running Economy is at its highest –when you’re using the least energy to hold that pace – and records the running form you’re using.

It then highlights any improvements you could make.

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How to use Form Coach

In the app, hit Form Coach and choose the Pace Range you’d like to make improvements in.

Form Coach shows you up to three form factors you can adjust to boost your performance – Step Length, Cadence and Footstrike.

Choose the aspect of your running form you want to work on and you’ll see how some simple adjustments could improve your running, from knocking minutes off your marathon time to shaving seconds off your 5k PB.

NURVV then helps you build your own Form Coach workout to nail those improvements.

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Run your Form Coach workouts regularly, master all the difficulty levels and watch as your Running Economy and your running performance increase!

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NURVV Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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