Get your heart racing with our latest app update

The latest NURVV app release is here, and we’ve been working hard to make your NURVV Run experience even better.

Update now to get these new and improved features.

Heart Rate for Indoor Run

Get your heart racing indoors as well as out!

Connect your Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to NURVV Run and you’ll receive visual and audio Heart Rate feedback during your Indoor Runs, including Heart Rate Zone cues.

Heart Rate in Apple Watch

Now you can capture all your Heart Rate data, direct from your Apple Watch, or see the data from your chest strap displayed on your Apple Watch screen.

You’ll receive visual and audio Heart Rate cues from your watch as you run, and all your Heart Rate data will sync automatically to your NURVV Run app, too.

GPS improvements

Nothing should stand between you and your run, so now you’ll get even faster GPS acquisition when you step out of the door.

Split Pace

Keep tabs on your pace with split pace cues during your run. As you complete each mile or km, you’ll hear your pace for that split, as well as time elapsed overall.

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