How to use NURVV’s live in-run coaching features to boost your performance

It may not stand and shout from the sidelines, but NURVV is like having your own personal running coach with you on each and every run.

As well as tracking key metrics to help reduce your injury risk and boost your running performance, NURVV provides real-time coaching cues and support to keep your training on track.

Two different NURVV run modes offer live coaching. Pace Coach helps you set and achieve your target pace on outdoor runs, while Footstrike Trainer offers coaching on Footstrike during indoor runs.

Here’s how to use live in-run coaching.

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Using live in-run coaching to hit a target pace

Whether you’re aiming for a new PR, want to keep to a consistent pace on your easy run or hit those intervals in training, NURVV’s Pace Coach feature offers live coaching to help you achieve your goal.

Using a past run as your base, just set a target pace and finish time and NURVV does the rest.

As you run, NURVV keeps your pacing on track with real-time coaching cues, letting you know when you need to increase or decrease your cadence or adapt your step length to meet your target.

You can choose to receive audio cues through your headphones, visual cues on the app or visual, audio and haptic cues (that’s the fancy name for buzzing) if you’re running with an Apple Watch. You won’t be bombarded with information either, you’ll only see or hear prompts if your running falls outside your target zone.

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Treadmill technique coaching

Footstrike Trainer is a NURVV coaching feature designed to give you live information about your footstrike. Pop your phone on the treadmill and visual cues let you know how both your left and right foot are hitting the ground as they land.

Knowing whether you’re landing with your rearfoot, midfoot or forefoot means you can monitor your technique and adapt it in real time. It’s an invaluable coaching tool if you’re trying to modify or transition your footstrike.

NURVV Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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