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Coach Jerry Daily Strength and Balance Workouts

As we head into our second week of social isolation, we are gradually coming to grips with the fact that this isn’t going to be a short term thing. With outdoor exercise limited to short periods of time close to home, many of the NURVV team are supplementing their isolation runs with indoor workouts - focusing on areas of weakness and imbalance.

Leading the charge is our resident Coach, Jerry Faulkner. Jerry is a 2:21 marathon runner based in New York City and understands more than most the benefits of working on weaknesses in the off season.

“With all races canceled for the foreseeable future, it’s easy to lose focus and become a bit demoralised. However, this is actually a great time to work on the ABCs - agility, balance and co-ordination, the fundamentals for efficient movement.”

Going further, Jerry adds, “The reality is that when runners are in a training cycle they understandably tend to prioritise the running element over strength and conditioning. After all, when there are only so many hours in the day, it’s the miles that get you over the finish line, not the killer six pack.

While the current situation is far from ideal, we can use the extra time we have to do 30 minutes or so of simple strength and conditioning exercises. I’ll be doing these daily but if you aren’t regularly doing some form of S&C you might want to ease in to things and just add one or two additional workouts to start with.”

Jerry will be leading these super accessible workouts each day on NURVV’s Instagram Live channel. They’re suitable for all abilities and prioritise good technique over intensity.

“The aim is to work on those weaknesses and imbalances that can limit our potential or lead to injury. I’m pumped to be seeing so many people join me on IG Live each day and I’m certain we’re gonna build some bullet proof bodies by the time race day eventually comes.

You can join Coach Faulkner every day at 12pm EST or 5pm GMT by simply clicking on this link here.

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