NURVV Run partners with England Athletics

We’re pleased to announce that NURVV Run has partnered with England Athletics, the membership and development body for athletics and running clubs in England.

NURVV Run has been named as the headline partner of the England Athletics Club Run programme, an initiative offering a series of free, practical, coached sessions to running clubs across the country.

Working in collaboration with experienced England Athletics coaches, NURVV will deliver dedicated NURVV Run sessions to clubs as part of the programme. The coached sessions will allow runners to trial NURVV Run for themselves, understand the insights and metrics the smart insoles offer, and learn how these insights can help them discover their true running potential.

NURVV Run founder Ulrica Roberts said she was thrilled with the partnership. ‘We can’t wait to get started,’ she said. ‘Club Run is the perfect setting to share NURVV Run with passionate runners as we work collaboratively to elevate the coaching experience.

We truly believe that on a foundation of science and technology, NURVV Run has the ability to improve running performance and will really benefit members of England Athletics.’

England Athletics CEO, Chris Jones, also highlighted the benefits of the partnership, saying:

‘NURVV Run’s innovative smart insole technology will help Club Run coaches provide an even greater level of insight and coaching support. Helping club runners further improve their running performance and reduce risk of injury.’

The partnership between NURVV Run and England Athletics is built on a shared ambition of growing participation in running and helping runners of all abilities unlock their natural talent.

Nurvv run england athletics

Find out more about the England Athletics Club Run Programme, supported by NURVV Run.

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