NURVV Run x Dame Kelly Holmes - Global Brand Ambassador

NURVV Run is delighted to announce its first global ambassador, British running legend, Dame Kelly Holmes.

As NURVV Run’s global ambassador, Dame Kelly will be working alongside NURVV on promotional initiatives and events, as well as integrating NURVV Run into her own training. She’ll also provide direct feedback and have input into future NURVV Run features and enhancements.

Talking about the partnership, Dame Kelly said:

‘Knowledge really is power when it comes to training and in this respect NURVV Run is a game changer.

‘I’m looking forward to working alongside the NURVV Run team to help runners use technology and biomechanics to fulfil their true potential, as well as promoting the benefits of running for both mental and physical health.’

An Olympic, Commonwealth and European champion, Dame Kelly still holds the British 800m and 1,000m records. In 2004, she became the first Brit to win double Olympic gold for more than 80 years, triumphing in both the 800m and 1,500m races in the Games in Athens.

Despite her incredible achievements, however, Dame Kelly has been open about the struggles she’s suffered throughout her career, overcoming recurring physical injuries and mental setbacks to realise her goals. And it’s those themes of overcoming injury, a mindset of continuous improvement, and acknowledging the power of running for mental health, that make Dame Kelly and NURVV Run such perfect partners.

NURVV Run’s aim is to inspire runners of all abilities to run healthy and unlock their running potential, a goal shared by Dame Kelly.

NURVV Run founder Ulrica Roberts said:

‘Dame Kelly triumphed over her own struggles with injury throughout her career. It’s this experience alongside her enduring passion for the sport that makes her the perfect match for what we are trying to achieve at NURVV Run.

‘This partnership, together with the one we recently agreed with England Athletics, underlines the level of ambition we have for NURVV Run, and how important we believe our technology will be in improving running performance for runners.

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