Our running survey results are in – how do you compare?

Here at NURVV Run, community is key. We love hearing about your running and we use your feedback to inform our product updates, new features and app releases.

In June 2020, we sent a running survey to the NURVV community – and we got some amazing insights about your running habits back. From how often you run, to the distance you cover and who you run with (piglets?!) the answers made for fascinating reading…

How do your running choices compare?

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Where in the world?

The majority of the NURVV community are based in the UK (50%) closely followed by the US (33%).

The rest of our users are scattered across the globe from Italy to Indonesia. The smallest nation with a community member is the Republic of Vanatu in the South Pacific Ocean – hello Vanatu!

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You’re a fit bunch

There are many reasons why you run, from the mental health benefits to the community aspect. The overwhelming reason though, is to improve fitness – 26% of the NURVV community say it’s their main reason for running. The second most popular reason is to improve physical health.

Only 13% of you say you run to train for races – but then 2020 has been a strange year.

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You run regularly

More than a third of you pull on those running shoes three to five times a week, making it the most popular number of times to run among our community members. Around a quarter of you get out two to three times weekly and 22% five to seven times.

As for the 4% who are running more than seven times a week – that’s some serious training!

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You’re running a long way

Our survey showed a good spread of weekly training volumes among the NURVV community but high mileage proved the most popular.

More than a quarter of you (28%) say you run 40km plus each week. The second most popular mileage is 10-20km weekly.

Whether it’s 5k a week or 50k, whatever works for you, go for it.

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You love peace, solitude and piglets?!

While just over a quarter of you like to run with a friend, club or group, the overwhelming majority are solo runners. Around 72% of you say you like to run alone.

One runner bucked the trend though, saying they run with ‘a couple of dogs and my friend’s baby piglets’. The mind boggles!

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Your favourite run tech (aside from NURVV, of course)

The majority of the NURVV community are tech fans with 71% of you running with a phone and 87% using a running watch when you pound the pavements or hit the trails.

Garmin is the most popular watch brand, with more than half of you strapping one to your wrist. Second most popular is the Apple Watch, a favourite with 27% of the NURVV community.

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You’re appy and you know it

Around 60% of you use an app when you run. Alongside the NURVV Run app, many of you use Strava and MapMyRun.

Spotify also proved popular and lots of you seem to like a good playlist – 76% of the NURVV community say they run with music. Any recommendations?

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