RUNNING POWER: the need to know guide

Meet Running Power, the NEW running metric that’s about to revolutionise your training.

Ready to take your runs to the next level? Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Running Power?

Running Power is a measure of real-time effort as you run.

Measured in watts, Running Power gauges the energy you’re expending every single step.

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Why is Running Power important?

Running Power is a performance tool that lets you control the intensity of your runs.

Hugely responsive and changing in real time, unlike other run metrics, Running Power takes external factors into account. Factors such as the weather and gradient you're running on, as well as the intensity of your run and the ability of your muscles to generate force at different speeds.

Why is Running Power revolutionary?

With Running Power you always know just how hard you’re working, whatever your fitness levels.

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Why is Running Power different to running to Pace?

While running to Pace is great on the treadmill or completely flat roads, once you hit the real world, it has its limitations.

If you’re trying to keep to a certain speed on a hilly run, for example, you might find you’re pushing too hard to hit your pace on the ups, and maybe even running too easy on the downs.

Running Power takes hills into account, so you can expend a consistent amount of energy throughout your run, reducing your risk of burnout.

Likewise, if you’re running into a headwind, you’re going to be working harder.

Running Power tailors your training to the wind and elevation, so you can keep your ego in check, and make sure you expend the right amount of energy to hit your goals every single run.

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Why is Running Power different to running to Heart Rate?

Like Heart Rate, Running Power can be divided into Power Zones. Unlike running with Heart Rate, there’s no time lag.

Running Power responds instantly showing real-time effort every second of every interval, rep, easy, tempo or threshold run, so you always know how much power you’re generating.

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