The benefits of heart rate training for runners

If you’re considering using a heart rate monitor on your runs, whether that’s a Bluetooth chest strap or a training watch with built-in sensor, you need to know these four key benefits:

1. Your heart rate shows the effort you’re putting in

The main benefit of monitoring your heart rate – which is measured in beats per minute – is knowing how much effort you’re putting in on each run.

Your heart rate can be a more reliable gauge of intensity than other metrics, such as pace or distance, as it shows the effect of fatigue, weather, humidity and other variables on effort levels.

You know those runs where the same route feels so much harder than usual? Your heart rate will tell you if it really is.

2. It tells you when to work harder … or slow down

Heart Rate Zones are a great training tool. There are five different Heart Rate Zones 1-5, ranging from an easy to high intensity effort.

Most of us have a ‘happy’ pace that we naturally fall into for many of our runs, but that means we’re missing out on all the performance boosting benefits of training at different effort levels.

Each Heart Rate Zone is great for different types of runs, from recovery to tempo. And each zone helps you achieve different training benefits, such as boosting endurance or improving speed.

Find out more about the Heart Rate Zones and how to use them in our guide to training with Heart Rate Zones.

3. It shows your improving fitness

Your heart rate is a great gauge of overall fitness. Exercise can lower your resting heart rate over time, which helps strengthen your heart and reduce your risk of heart disease.

As you get fitter, you’ll notice the amount of time it takes your heart rate to return to normal after an intense effort decreases, too.

4. It lets you know when you need a rest day

If you have a higher resting heart rate than normal, it can be a sign of stress on the body, which could be caused by overtraining. A higher heart rate could also be an indicator that you’re about to get ill and need to take some time for rest and recovery.

Either way, it’s a sign you might need to put your feet up.

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