What Goes on in Vegas...

...Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas!

It’s been a crazy start to 2020 with the team heading to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA for the launch of NURVV Run.

CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, so we were proud to receive plaudits from a huge number of global publications, just a few of which we have included below:

Runners World: The Best Running Tech from CES 2020

"The hard reality for lifelong runners is that they’re bound to get injured at some point. But Nurvv has launched an insole that analyzes your gait through a sensitive network of 16 pressure points and beams that info to an app on your smartphone."

USA Today: CES Editors' Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2020

“Serious runners will be racing for Nurvv Run’s GPS-tracking smart insoles, which slip under the insoles in their favorite kicks and collect data on their running efficiency—principally their cadence (or steps per minute) and stride length—via 16 sensors per foot.”

Business Insider: The 16 best new products we saw at CES 2020 (NURVV Run was selected as the winner of the “fitness tech” category

“At CES 2020, a company called NURVV showed off an innovative wearable technology designed to fix flawed running styles called the NURVV Run. The NURVV Run wearable slips into the insole of your running shoes and offers real-time coaching feedback about your running technique to help you avoid injuries and run faster.”

Wired: 8 More of the Smartest Things We've Seen This Week at CES

“Though I've been a moderate runner for years, my hips have started hurting lately and I don't know why. I'm hoping the Nurvv Run will soon tell me. It's a sensor-laden insole with a GPS tag that clips to the outside of your shoe, and it's designed to analyze your gate, speed, footstrike, and stride length to tell you everything you're doing wrong on the treadmill.”

Gear Patrol: The Best Fitness Tech Innovations of CES 2020

“We’ve gotta give NURVV points for creativity here. The brand has embedded 32 precision sensors into a pair of insoles with the goal of helping runners improve their form to go faster and risk less injury.”

CNET: The most innovative fitness tech of CES 2020

“Nurvv Run has a goal -- to help you run faster and to reduce your chance of injury. The new Nurvv Run Insoles (and related Nurvv Run app) are supposed to help with that.”

British GQ: The best and weirdest new gadgets of 2020

“Nurvv Run is a coaching app that pairs with a connected pair of insoles in a bid to help runners up their PBs while reducing injury.”

Engadget: A smart running shoe insole detects your gait to offer coaching advice

“You can get updates on standard stats like cadence, step length and overall pace while you're mid stride thanks to audiovisual and haptic feedback. However, you can also venture into the app post-run to look at minutiae like your pronation (foot roll) and foot strike (how much of the forefoot hits the ground). You'll know whether a change in technique leads to practical gains.”

iMore: CES 2020: NURVV Run insoles promise to make you a better runner

“Available through pre-order now, the NURVV Run includes 32 high-precision sensors embedded in two lightweight insoles that capture data at 1,000 times per second.”

Gear Junkie: Smart Soles: NURVV Creates Biometric Inserts for Running

“This new running product takes tracking your run to a new level — by using biometrics below your feet to create training goals displayed on an app.”

If that wasn't enough we even got out with Las Vegas running community Runished for some fun miles, a demo of the Technique Run feature and a couple of cold beers - we'd definitely earned them.

And that's just the beginning, we will update this page as the news comes out, so if you want to know what people are saying about us be sure to check back regularly.

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