5 Power Workouts

Power is likely to be a new metric for you as a runner and as such you may want examples on how to include power into workouts. The guide below outlines how you can incorporate some of these workouts into a quick run – and a preview on how they can be set up in the guided workout builder. There are tips on how to adjust the workouts to suit your training volume and/or your training ability. By including different types of workout into your training, you are introducing more variety into your week, and as such are working different physiological pathways. Interval workouts are great for getting your body used to race day efforts and easy runs are good for improving that base fitness.

By measuring your workouts by Power, you are using a metric more closely linked to effort, which ensures you are working at the right intensity regardless of external factors such as route (incline/decline) and weather.

We have all had those training days where running to a pace just feels harder than it should be – with Power, you no longer need to target pace, this allows you to target an effort and make sure that you get the most out of every workout.

Some of the suggested workouts are high in intensity, and as such should be accompanied by an adequate Warm-up and Cool-down, these should be between 1-3 km (depending on the volume you are comfortable with) and run in Power Zone 1. They can be run as separate quick runs.

Find your 5 power workout can be found here: 5 Power Workouts

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