App Settings

The Settings section of the app allows you to personalize NURVV Run and get it set up for the way you like to run.

Tap on Settings from any screen that shows the navigation bar to access the main Settings screen.

The following options are available in Settings:

Your details

Set and update your profile with details such as weight, the average distance you run per week and your heart rate details. The more accurate your profile, the better the insights NURVV Run can generate for you.

Manage trackers

Set up your trackers the way you want with features like Auto Pause and ANT+ broadcast. Plus, check the remaining run time and tracker details.

Test your sensors

Take your NURVV Run smart insoles for a spin! This fun mini-feature shows the output of your insole sensors in real-time as you move.

Heart rate monitors

Pair a heart rate monitor to your trackers. Once an HRM is connected to your trackers, you can check your resting heart rate here too!

Units of measurement

Choose whether you’d like distance and pace to be displayed in Metric or Imperial units.

Connect to Strava

Hook NURVV Run up to your Strava account and sync NURVV Runs to Strava.

Help & support

Setup guides, feature intros and answers to some of the most common questions about NURVV Run, right in the app.

Sign out

Sign out to prevent others from accessing your NURVV Run data without authentication.

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