What is Cadence?

Cadence is a measure of the rate at which a runner is taking steps. It's measured in steps per minute (spm). Each time the left or right foot touches the ground, a new step is registered.

Monitoring Cadence

Cadence is reported in a number of places throughout the NURVV Run app:

  • During Runs Cadence is reported in real-time in all running modes.

  • Run Summary After a run is completed, the Run Summary will show average Cadence, taking into account your Cadence across your entire run.

  • Cadence Profile Tapping on the Cadence value in Run Summary will show the continuous Cadence Profile of your run and also highlight the average Cadence for each split.

  • Running Health Cadence is one of the key factors that contribute towards Running Health Score. You can learn about the impact of your Cadence on your Running Health score and how to improve this by reviewing the Cadence section within Running Health.

Improving Cadence

Running speed is determined by two key factors: Cadence and Step Length

A simple equation links these two factors and determines running speed:

Cadence x Step Length = Speed

So Cadence is critical to running performance.

Modifying Cadence is also one of the more popular and effective ways to improve running economy. For most runners, increasing Cadence by just 5-10% can improve overall running economy, meaning less energy is required to move the body forward. Small increases in cadence may also help to reduce impact loading during ground contact, potentially reducing injury risk.

If you're interested in trying to find the optimal balance of Cadence and Step Length for your running, try the Pace Coach workout.
To learn more about improving your Cadence in other ways, see Performance Factors / Improving Cadence to Run Faster.

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