What are Calories?

Calories are a unit of energy. In NURVV Run, Calories refer to the amount of energy that is expended when running and the number of calories burned is dependent on the duration and nature (intensity, surface, terrain) of the run.

Monitoring Calories

For each run completed with NURVV Run you will be able to view an estimate of the Calories Burned during the run. This value is displayed in the main Run Summary screen for each run accessed via the History screen. The Calories metric displayed is a value for the total calories burned over the duration of the run (in kcal units). This value is available from the NURVV Run app for runs completed with and without Heart Rate data available.

Improving Calories

Typically, the energy expenditure of running is approximately 800-1000 calories per hour (dependent on an individual's body mass and running speed). The main 'fuel sources' are provided through carbohydrate (glucose) and fat metabolism. Protein ingestion is also crucial, especially post-exercise to aid muscle protein synthesis and repair.

Maintaining high energy levels helps to improve running performance regardless of running abilities/experience of a runner. Generally, all runners should benefit from some form of pre and post-run nutrition even on runs of short distance or low intensity. Intake of additional nutrition, however, should be adjusted to the intensity of the run, especially when covering longer distances. Rehydration also is essential - runners should try to ensure they replace water and electrolytes lost during running.

Some approaches to nutrition for running can be found in Recovery for Runners / Nutrition.

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