Going for Your First Run

Once your NURVV Run app has downloaded, your account is set up, your NURVV Run insoles are installed in your running shoes and your trackers are paired, you are ready for your first run!

You can choose between an Indoor or an Outdoor run for your first run. Pace Coach workouts will become available after you have completed your first run.

First Run

Follow the steps below and you'll soon be out on your first run!

  1. Ensure your NURVV Run insoles are installed in your running shoes and your trackers are fully charged. See how to charge your trackers and install your insoles.
  2. Turn your trackers on, using the small Power button located on the inner face of each tracker. You will know your trackers are on when the status light LEDs on both trackers start flashing. Click here for a full list of what the status lights indicate.
  3. Connect your trackers to the clips.
  4. Open the NURVV Run app and select the Run tab.
  5. Select 'Outdoor' or 'Indoor' to start the run of your choice.

When you select a run, the NURVV Run app will configure your trackers. If you've chosen an Outdoor run, your trackers will search for a GPS signal before the run starts.
When you're ready to run, a message will appear at the top of the screen and the RUN button will be enabled. Tap RUN to start your run.

Once the run is started, the app will display an in-run summary of key metrics. If you'd prefer not to look at your phone during the run, you can lock your phone and stow it in a pocket.
If you don't want to take your phone with you when you run, see how to run phone-free.

Controlling Your Run

You can pause/resume your run using the controls at the bottom of the screen. When a run is paused, you can end it by pushing and holding the Stop button.

Syncing your Trackers

If you stop the run while your NURVV Run app is connected to the trackers, then the run will sync automatically to your NURVV profile.

To sync stored runs from your trackers to your NURVV Run app

  1. Open your NURVV Run app
  2. Turn on your trackers and bring them in range of your phone.
  3. The app will automatically begin the syncing process.
  4. Wait for the Tracker icon at the top right to complete its revolution.
  5. Once the syncing process is complete, you will see your synced runs appear in the run history tab.

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