Running Faster and Holding Pace

A runner’s speed is a product of their cadence/step rate (number of steps taken per unit time) and their step length (distance covered from one foot-ground contact to the next) – this is a mechanical fact and there is no getting around this!

In equation form, Speed = Cadence x Step Length.

The specific cadence and step length that each runner selects for a given speed will be down to a range of physical, physiological and possibly tactical factors. An increase in speed requires the runner to increase either cadence or step length or a combination of both.

Go here to find out more about this relationship and understand how you can use NURVV Run’s Pace Coach workout to progressively develop your cadence and step length metrics and by extension improve your pace on your given distance.

Holding your pace for longer

If you find that your pace drops as you get to the later stages of your chosen run distance then it is likely that your initial pace has just been too quick for your current fitness level. Try to moderate your pace so that you can hold the same pace evenly for the whole run, this will usually provide you with a better finishing time than starting out fast and slowing down throughout the run. Another way of improving run times are to complete a negative split, this is where the second half of the run is quicker than the first half.

Using the Pace Coach feature as a training tool can help you maintain your pace for longer as well. The in-run live feedback on Step Length and Cadence can help to maintain both form factors, which is key in relation to the Speed Equation.

Along with the Pace Coach feature, the Run Summary, Form Reports / Metric Profiles and Running Health are all great tools to help you to train, and adjust your running in order to maintain pace.

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