Good nutrition is essential for both in-session performance as well as post-workout recovery. Runners who consume appropriate amounts of carbohydrates (CHO), protein and fat at the right time are more likely to optimize their endurance efforts, delay fatigue and aid recovery processes.

There are divergent and strong views regarding the best nutrition for endurance running. Most regimes still advocate a relatively low-fat diet with a good proportion (55-70%) of carbohydrates, at least during high-intensity training periods and runs.

Even though general recommendations are set for runners, nutritional requirements vary between individuals and are highly specific to their current health and wellbeing status as well as the type of running they are engaged in. Distance, pace, training intensity and altitude are only a few factors that will affect how much energy and nutrients an endurance runner will need.

Whilst talking about nutrition, we cannot forget to mention the benefits of appropriate hydration. During a run, runners lose fluid and electrolytes mainly through sweating. Providing the right amount and balance of fluid/electrolytes during and after a running session is essential to maintain performance and overall health.

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