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What is a Pace Coach Workout?

Pace Coach is a unique workout provided by the NURVV Run app, which offers in-run technique coaching to keep you on track in terms of Cadence and Step Length to ensure you meet your target pace.

Pace Coach can be used in several different ways - it can help you run faster, perform an interval session, or control your pace on a recovery run.

The in-run experience of a Pace Coach workout works best if you run these workouts on a route with relatively level terrain.

Setting Up a Pace Coach Workout

First, select Pace Coach from the Run Hub.

The first time you set up a Pace Coach workout, there will be an in-app tutorial to guide you through the pre-run set-up and also to explain the post-run analysis.

Next, choose a Base Run to calibrate your new Pace Coach workout. Try to choose a run that meets the following criteria:

1) Matches the distance you intend to run - if you want to get faster over 5K, choose a 5K run.
2) Choose a run that was completed at a steady to hard effort.
3) Choose a run done mainly on flat terrain - because of the way Step Length and Cadence fluctuate on inclines and declines, Pace Coach works best on the flat.

Pace Coach will display a Run Score for your selected run. A score of 0 is a very easy run, whereas a score of 100 is equivalent to an elite performance for that distance.
Use the slider to set a new Target Run Score for your workout. As you adjust the score up and down, the screen will change to show you the time it will take to complete the workout and the pace range you will need to run within.

When you're happy with the Target Score, tap Next.

Pace Coach will display your individualized Step Length and Cadence target zones, based on the Target Score you selected at the previous step.

The average Step Length and Cadence metrics from your previous run are also displayed. If your previous averages are significantly below your target zones, you may wish to consider revising your Target Score to make the workout less challenging. You can do this by tapping the back button to return to the previous screen.

When you're happy with your target zones, tap Create workout and your new Pace Coach workout will be created.

Running a Pace Coach Workout

With the workout created, you have two choices; run now or at a later date. If you want to run the workout now, tap 'Run now' and the workout will upload to your trackers.
You can also choose to run the workout at a later date - by tapping 'Skip for now'. When you're ready, you can find all of the Pace Coach workouts you've created listed under 'Technique Workouts' in the Run Hub.

During a Pace Coach workout, you will receive live in run coaching to help you meet your Cadence and Step Length targets. If you are outside of your target zone for Cadence or Step Length, you'll see and hear cues that will help you get back on track.

Pace Coach cues are delivered in several ways, so you can choose the ones that are best for you:

  • Visual cues are delivered via the NURVV Run app on your mobile device.
  • Audio cues are delivered by the NURVV Run app via your mobile device or Bluetooth/wired headphones.
  • Visual, audio and haptic cues are available via the NURVV Run Apple Watch app.

On the Apple Watch, you also can use the Cadence and Step Length 'seesaw' screen showing your Step Length and Cadence in real-time versus the target zones.

Analyzing a Pace Coach Workout

The workout will end automatically once you've completed the required distance. The Pace Coach summary will show you whether you hit your Target Score, plus give a detailed breakdown of your Pace, Cadence and Step Length and how successful you were at running within your target zones during the workout.

Pace Coach will automatically adjust the Target Score for your next workout, based on your performance, to help you keep improving.
If you'd prefer to set a different Target Score, you can adjust this manually.

We hope you enjoy using Pace Coach. To learn more about how to use Pace Coach to run a particular type of workout, see the links below.

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