Pairing Your Trackers

Once your account is set up, you can pair your trackers to the app and then your NURVV Run will be ready for your first run!

To complete the pairing of the trackers, follow the steps below:

1) Enable Bluetooth on the mobile device

    2) Ensure the trackers are fully charged and switched

3) Ensure the trackers are within Bluetooth range of your mobile device. If your trackers are in the same room as your mobile device, they should be in range.

The NURVV Run app will display a list of all the trackers within range. To complete pairing, chose the appropriate tracker from the list.

If the list shows multiple trackers, you can identify your tracker by checking the 6 digit serial number on the right tracker's inner face. Locate the serial number and then check the tracker list to find the matching tracker.

Firmware Updates

At times, new NURVV Run firmware will need to be installed on your trackers to add new features and provide you with the best running experience possible.

The NURVV Run app will provide an alert when new firmware is available.

The NURVV Run app will guide you through the process of upgrading your tracker firmware.

Before starting a firmware update, make sure that:

  • Your mobile device has 20%+ battery charge
  • Your trackers have 40%+ battery charge
  • The trackers are connected to the charger and charging
  • Your mobile device has a connection to Wifi
  • Bluetooth is enabled

The firmware update process should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

Once the update is complete, the trackers can be removed from the charger and NURVV Run can now be used.

If any errors occur during the firmware update, follow the prompts in the NURVV Run app to restart the process. If errors persist, please contact NURVV Run Customer Service.

The firmware update involves downloading data. If your mobile device is on a limited data plan, consider connecting to an unmetered network such as your home WiFi, before starting the update.

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