What is Running Power?

Running power is a measure of real-time effort and the rate of energy being expressed at a given moment. It is typically measured in Watts (W), where higher values correspond with more power being generated. Running Power is a highly individual metric and is therefore often used by runners as a performance tool to help them achieve specific training and race goals.

Monitoring Power

Power is reported in a number of places throughout the NURVV Run app:

  • During indoor and outdoor runs, Power is provided as a metric on screen. Also, if you do not have a heart rate monitor connected and have set a threshold power you will receive audio cues on your current power zone.

  • Run Summary: After a run has been completed, your Average Power will be shown in the list of summary metrics

  • Power Profile, by tapping the power value in run summary, you will see the % of time spent in each of your power zones. You will also see your continuous Power Profile over the course of your run and the average power for each split. You will also be able to toggle pace on to the graph to see how and if your pace changed when you changed power. If you have a threshold power set, then you will see your power zones on your Power Profile, as well as information on your most common zone for that run

Improving Running Power

The main reason why runners are looking to improve their Running Power is simply to be able to hold efforts for longer and become more efficient. By wasting less energy when running at the same speeds they are more likely to maximise performance outcomes with less physiological effort.

There are a few different interventions that runners can adopt to improve Running Power:

1. Incorporating strength training

2. Performing running drills and power workouts (via Outdoor/Indoor runs)

4. Ensuring more variety in training (interval and hill sessions)

5. Targeted stretching and mobility exercises

6. Maximising recovery (rest, sleep, nutrition)

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