Power Test Workout

Power Test Workout

Power Test is a 10-minute, maximum intensity test designed to determine your Threshold Power, which will be key for your future power-related training.

Threshold Power is simply the average output you can hold for a sustained period of time (typically between 30-60 minutes) and is an indicator of your Aerobic Fitness. To obtain an individualized and accurate Threshold Power value, it is always recommended that you aim for an an all-out running effort during the Power Test Workout.

Once your Threshold Power is established, you will be able to make the most out of you power training and run to certain Power Zones, which will be based on your Threshold:


To initiate a Power Test, press Run on the bottom of the app screen and navigate to the Run Hub. From here, select Workouts, then press on the Power Test tab to initiate the session. To complete your Power test, make sure the trackers are on and connected to the NURVV Run insole and the app. You can choose to run your Workout indoors or outdoors. Once the trackers are configured and GPS is found (if you choose to run outdoors), the app will indicate that you are ready to run. Once you tap RUN, a countdown will begin and your test will begin.


During the Power Test, the app displays a countdown timer (starting at 10:00), live pace and pace efforts. You can pause/resume your workout as well as mute the in-run audio cues (which will appear at 7min, 4min, 1min marks) using the controls at the bottom of the screen. There is no need to manually stop your session as NURVV Run will finish it automatically when you reach the 10min mark.

Post - Run

Immediately after your test is completed, a pop up will appear summarising your Power Test efforts and identifying Threshold Power you achieved (see below). During that time, your session will also sync to your phone and your Threshold Power will update everywhere in the NURVV app.

To view of change your Threshold Power for any reason, go to Settings, then select ''My details'' and open the Threshold Power tab. To view your other running metrics, press Continue after the pop - up appears on screen. This will take you to the Run Summary which will load automatically. You can also load the Run Summary for your Power Test via Run History.

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