Outdoor Run

Outdoor Run is a good choice for any runs you complete outside when you do not want specific in-run coaching from one of NURVV Run's workouts.


Tap Run at the bottom of the screen to reach the Run Hub. From here, an Outdoor Run can be selected.

To go for an Outdoor run, make sure the trackers are on and connected to the NURVV Run insole and the app. From the Run Hub, tap Outdoor Run. Once the trackers are configured and GPS is found, the app will indicate that you are ready to run. Tap RUN and a countdown will begin.


While running outdoors, the app displays live Pace, Time, Distance, and Cadence metrics.

If you are running with a connected Heart Rate Monitor, then your Heart Rate and Heart Rate zones are also displayed on the screen.

You can pause/resume your run using the controls at the bottom of the screen. When a run is paused, you can end the run by pushing and holding the Stop button.


Once you have completed the run and it has synced to your phone then you can view the metrics via the Run Summary which will load automatically. You can also load the Run Summary via History and selecting the desired run.

Running Phone-Free

You can run an Outdoor Run without your phone.

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