Footstrike Coach

Footstrike Coach is a progressive workout experience that will support a runner to run to a preferred footstrike - Rearfoot, Midfoot, or Forefoot.

You can use a Footstrike Coach workout in isolation or, even better, as part of a longer-term project to transition your typical foot landing pattern. Find out if Changing your Footstrike is a good idea for you.

Watch the video to find out how to set up a Footstrike Coach workout.

Watch the video to find out what the in-run experience of a Footstrike Coach run is.

Watch the video to discover the specific post-run feedback you will receive from a Footstrike Coach run.

Using Footstrike Coach

Footstrike Coach is primarily designed to support you through a footstrike retraining program (ideally performed over the course of 8-10 weeks) or to help you control your left and right foot landing pattern to minimize any imbalances.

The feature is structured as an interval session that consists of 5 ‘recovery’ and 4 ‘focus’ zones, during which you will be asked to land with your normal footstrike pattern (recovery zones) or to adopt a new pattern (focus zone). To help you maximize your training efforts, Footstrike Coach is available both as an indoor and an outdoor workout. So, it is entirely up to you whether you want to complete your workout on a treadmill or outside, where there is more variability in course and terrain.

During the in-run Footstrike Coach experience, NURVV Run will regularly provide you with real-time visual and audio feedback to inform you about your efforts. You will be given distinct tones and visuals to indicate when are in or out of the zone for your target footstrike pattern. Additional audio cues will prepare you for each focus zone and also tell you whether you have met your success criteria for each of your effort zones across the whole workout.

To ensure a safe and gradual transition from one footstrike pattern to another, and to minimize associated injury risks, the Footstrike Coach feature uses levels as part of the workout experience. You need to unlock each level to progress your adoption of a new footstrike by successfully completing the current level to a high standard. Each new level will increase the proportion of the run you spend running with the new footstrike. You will have to go through an ‘easy’, ‘moderate’, ‘tough’ and finally an ‘ultra’ level to be able to complete the majority of the workout with the newly adopted footstrike pattern.

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