Running Health Score

What is Running Health Score?

The Running Health Score is a metric used in NURVV Run's Health feature to provide you with an indication of how healthy and sustainable your running technique and training is. The Running Health Score is a combined metric based on the 4 elements of technique and training that make up Running Health - Training Load, Cadence, Pronation, and Balance.

Monitoring Running Health Score

Running Health is measured on a 0-100 scale where a score of 0 represents less healthy (higher injury risk) and 100 represents very healthy (lower injury risk). The Health section of the NURVV Run app is accessed via the main toolbar.

Improving Running Health Score

You can use the Health Radar and the Breakdown to identify which aspects of your running may need to be improved and then continue to look into more detail at these aspects by tapping on the category and looking into the specific metrics and the recommendations that NURVV Run app provides specific to each aspect.

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