Run Summary

After a run is complete, the NURVV Run app will provide an overview of the run and your metrics in the Run Summary. You can access the Run Summary of a previously stored run via the History button.

If the run is an Outdoor Run or a Pace Coach workout, you will have a map of the route followed by metrics. Indoor Runs do not have maps but have a full list of metrics.

All runs will show the Performance Metrics of Distance, Time, and Pace in the prominent dark blue banner.

The metrics values provided in the Summary are either the average or total value for the metric over the run, whichever is most relevant.


In the Splits screen, NURVV Run provides an entry for each completed and part-split of the run. Splits are given in the unit of kilometers or miles, depending on the option selected in Settings. The total time elapsed to reach the split marker is provided along with the average pace for each split. The change in pace from split to split is also shown, this gives an easy way to identify the changing pace throughout a run. Lastly, the net elevation change for each split is also provided. Splits are shown on the same screen as the Pace Profile graphs.

Form Report

Tapping on the individual metrics in the summary list will access a Form Report for each metric and profile graphs where relevant. The Form Report provides more information about the metric, some additional insights into performance on this run and suggestions for potential performance improvements. An example of the Cadence metric is shown.

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