Can I run without my phone?

Yes, you can run phone-free with your NURVV Run.

Starting a Phone-Free Outdoor Run:
  1. Turn the trackers on and head outside without your phone.
  2. Wait for the left tracker status light to display a slow pulsing green light, indicating that it is ready to run. This should take no longer than 20-30 seconds. The right trackers might be blinking blue and yellow indicating that they are searching for your mobile device.
  3. Red and yellow lights indicate that the trackers are searching for GPS. It is important that you remain still during this process to get the quickest connection.
  4. Once you see pulsing green lights on the left tracker, press the Activity button (the large button on your right tracker) to start an Outdoor run. The left tracker status lights will change to a quick flashing green, indicating that the run has started.
  5. To pause your phone free run, press the activity button. In the paused state, your trackers LED lights with flash green and yellow.
  6. To restart your run from the paused state, simply press the activity button again or to end your run, hold down the activity button for 4 seconds. Your tracker will return to a slow pulsing green. You can then turn off your trackers.
  7. Your runs will be stored on your trackers until they are uploaded to the app.
Other Types of Phone-Free Runs

Pressing the Activity button starts an Outdoor run by default. If you'd like to go for another type of run phone-free, simply configure the trackers using the NURVV Run app and then start your phone-free run using the Activity button as described above.


  1. In-run audio cues cannot be delivered unless the NURVV Run app is connected to your trackers and a pair of compatible wired/Bluetooth headphones. If you're interested in running phone-free whilst benefiting from NURVV Run's live status and coaching cues, consider using our NURVV Run Apple Watch app or pairing your trackers to a compatible ANT+ device.
  2. If your trackers are powered off, they will revert to the default configuration, and an Outdoor run will be started if the Activity button is pressed. If your trackers are powered off following configuration for another type of run, you will need to turn them on and re-configure using the NURVV Run app before starting your phone-free run.

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