Running Health

Running Health Overview

Running Health provides an indication of how healthy and sustainable your running is, by calculating your Running Health Score.

The Running Health Score ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more healthy and sustainable your running activity is and the less likely it is that engaging in running will lead you to sustain a running-related injury.

Running Health Score is calculated by combining aspects of running technique known to influence injury risk with your training behaviour over the past 28 days.

Using Running Health

The Running Health feature provides different ways to monitor and use your Running Health Score.

To make a quick check on Running Health Score, and to see whether it's trended up or down over recent days, check the Running Health pane on the Dashboard, or tap Health to view the main Running Health screen.

To learn more about why your Running Health score is at its current level, check the Health Radar on the main Running Health screen.

The Health Radar shows an assessment of the four key factors that contribute to your Running Health: Training Load, Pronation, Cadence and Balance. The four points plotted on the Health Radar correspond to the four key factors. The further a point is from the centre of the Health Radar, the better the grading for the corresponding factor. So, to see which factors you most need to work on, look for the points plotted closest to the centre of the radar.

Exploring the Details

To see a longer-term view of your Running Health Score, tap the Health Radar and this will be displayed.

To see more detail for any of the Running Health factors, tap the corresponding entry in the list below the Health Radar. A detailed view will appear, showing more information for the chosen factor, an assessment of your current performance and some recommendations for how to improve this aspect of your running (shown for the Balance factor as an example).

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