Running with Apple Watch

NURVV Run is compatible with the Apple Watch from Series 3 and Watch OS 5 onwards.

Setting Up the NURVV Run Watch App

If ‘Automatic App Install’ is selected in the Watch app, the NURVV Run Watch app should be installed when NURVV Run is installed on your iPhone. Alternatively, install the NURVV Run app on your iPhone, and then open the Watch app. NURVV Run should appear in the list of available apps. Tap to install the NURVV Run Watch app.

Configuring a Run with Apple Watch

To run with your Apple Watch, follow the steps below:

1) Switch the trackers on and connect to the iPhone as usual.
2) Navigate to the Run Hub and select a compatible run type. NURVV Run currently supports Outdoor runs and Pace Coach runs on the Apple Watch.
3) Allow the iPhone to configure the trackers. When the configuration is complete (RUN button turns blue), open the NURVV Run app on your Apple Watch.
4) A Watch icon will now appear on the phone screen, to the left of the RUN button. Tap the Watch icon to connect your Watch for the run.
5) Your Watch will connect to the trackers and display the selected run. Once you see this, you can put your iPhone away or leave it behind and complete the run with your Watch.
6) Tap Confirm on the Watch to proceed with the selected run.
7) If you'd like to review/change the haptic and audio cues you'll receive during run, swipe left and you can toggle these on or off. You can return to the Start Run screen by swiping right.
8) The RUN button on the Watch will turn white to indicate that the run can be started. Tap RUN to begin your run.

Running with Apple Watch

A variety of visual cues can be displayed during runs. To cycle through available cues, swipe right.
To access session controls, including Pause/Resume and Stop, swipe left.

Audio Cues via Apple Watch

If a compatible set of Bluetooth headphones is connected to your Watch, you can receive NURVV Run's live coaching cues while you listen to music during your run.
Alternatively, if you're running without headphones, you can receive NURVV Run's live coaching cues via the Watch speaker.

After a Run

Once a run is finished, a brief summary will be shown on the Watch. To view the full Run Summary, re-connect the trackers to the iPhone.

How to restart your NURVV Run app on your Apple Watch

To restart the Nurvv Run App on Apple Watch, with the Nurvv Run app open, press the side button and hold until you see a menu with Icons on it including Power Off. When you see this screen, hold in the crown button until you see the Nurvv app slide of the screen. Then restart the Nurvv App.

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