Running with Garmin Watches using Basic ANT+

Note: This article describes the process of configuring your NURVV Run to connect to your Garmin or other ANT+ device on a basic ANT+ profile.

Users of compatible Garmin devices now have the option of using the NURVV Run Connect IQ app which offers more features and functions. You can read more about the Connect IQ app here.

Enabling basic ANT+ in the NURVV Run app

Turn on ANT+ in your NURVV Run app

  • Select Settings
  • Manage trackers
  • Select your trackers
  • Toggle ANT+ on

Setting Up Garmin Watch

Identify the Tracker ANT+ ID number

  • On the watch, head to the settings page – hold the up button until a list appears, and then use the down button to reach the 'Sensors & Accessories' tab.
  • Press the select/start button on the Garmin to see what sensors are visible to the watch.
  • If you are connecting NURVV for the first time and you can not see it on the list of devices, select the 'Add New' option.
  • Scroll down to select 'Foot Pod'.
  • Find the number which matches the device ID provided by the NURVV Run app.
  • Use the select/start button to choose the NURVV trackers and connect the trackers to the watch.

Enabling NURVV metrics on the watch

  • Hold the 'up' button to navigate from the main screen.
  • Go to 'Activities & Apps'.
  • Select 'Run' as the activity by pressing the select/start button.
  • Go to 'Run Settings'.
  • Scroll down to 'GPS' and press 'Off'.
  • This will allow the GPS to be switched off, enabling the distance and pace metrics to come from NURVV and not Garmin.

Changing the display fields on the Garmin screen

  • Hold the up button to navigate to the settings screen.
  • Scroll down to 'Activities & Apps'.
  • Select the desired activity using the Start/Stop button (e.g. Running / Treadmill mode).
  • Go to 'Settings' for that activity.
  • Once inside the selected activity, you can select what data screens are on display (select 'Data Screens').
  • Distance, pace, speed, and cadence are recommended.

NURVV Run is now set up with the trackers on the watch. To start a session, the trackers must be showing a slow pulsing green light on the left tracker. If the session is going to start via the phone, then you will have a pulsing green LED on the right instead of the flashing blue and yellow.

For maximum consistency between the Garmin and NURVV, both sessions should be started simultaneously, either through pressing the start button on the phone and the Garmin 4 seconds later (after the countdown), or the activity button (on the right tracker) and the Garmin at the same time.

Subsequent pausing/finishing of sessions should continue to be as close together as possible on the devices to maintain accuracy.

Note, at this stage, only Outdoor Run can be configured using basic ANT+ connectivity.

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