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Whatever your motivation the NURVV Run app can help you stay fit and healthy with unique running insights and real-time expert technique coaching to the everyday runner.

Running measured from the feet.

NURVV Run captures, analyzes and coaches your running with lab-quality precision. Get a complete picture of your running, with the guidance you need to improve. All brought together in one place for the first time.

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  • Unique metrics measured from both feet with world leading accuracy 
  • Footstrike, Step Length & Cadence
  • Pronation & Balance
  • Pace, Time & Distance

Running insights 

Your first run with NURVV will start you on the path to knowing more about how you run. Each step is analysed to create a picture of your unique running style. Technique data is shown alongside distance and speed metrics giving you a detailed breakdown of each run.

  • Unique Running Health score based on your personal running technique  
  • Know how your technique impacts your injury risk 
  • Know how far to run with weekly distance suggestions 
Staying run fit

Staying run fit

Is your left foot striking the ground in the same way as your right? Is your cadence increasing or decreasing? How far should you run in the next week? All these questions, and more, are answered in the easy-to-understand Health Score and technique charts within Running Health. Track your progress, challenge yourself to improve and make sure you are in it for the long run.

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  • Listen to music while getting audio technique coaching 
  • Run phone free with Apple Watch and Garmin 
  • Unique in run step length and cadence visuals 

Expert guidance as you run

Get encouragement as you run with audio, visual and haptic alerts from your smartphone or watch. This feature now includes live feedback on how your foot is striking the ground.

  • One stop dashboard for all your running   
  • Deep dive into the details
  • Suggested weekly distance
Running in one place

Your running in one place

See all your most important running metrics in one place with a personalised dashboard.

Metric Profiles

New Feature

Metric Profiles

See how your technique changes over time, and get tips and exercises to help you improve.

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Footstrike Trainer

New Feature

Footstrike Trainer

Live feedback on how your foot is striking the ground.

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Strava Integration

New Feature

Strava Integration

We've integrated with Strava, so all of your data can be in one place.

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How and where to use NURVV Run?

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Running outdoors

NURVV Run’s advanced positional technology means you can run in any urban or rural environment.

NURVV Treadmill 063

Running indoors

NURVV Run works for treadmill or indoor running, making the best use of your treadmill session.

NURVV compatibility

Apple and Android

Apple iOS version 11 or above
iPhone 6s or above
Android 6.0 or above

Apple Watch

The ultimate run companion to allow you to run phone free. Haptic feedback, visual alerts and audio cues to your AirPods. Series 3 or above.

Phone free

Use the stop/start button on the insole tracker to run phone free to get your technique and performance insights post-run.


Receive audio coaching feedback with any wired or Bluetooth headphones.

Using for recovery runs and training load management

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Using for recovery runs and training load management
Tony2 1


Tony Cheong

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Using to see how sustainable her running is and find out her running health
Amanda2 1


Amanda Hart

Post 1 2
Using for the unique indoor feature and the overall metrics
Don2 1


Don Snellings

Post 1 3
Using for recovery runs, suffers from plantar fasciitis
Jessica2 1


Jessica Miller

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