Don’t just take our word for it. View all the latest press coverage, professional reviews and what customers have to say about NURVV Run.

Don’t just take our word for it. View all the latest press coverage, professional reviews and what customers have to say about NURVV Run.

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27th April 2021


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This is Money

24th April 2021

Fitness start-up backed by PM's personal trainer raising up to £14.4m to reboot Britons' fitness after pandemic - This is Money

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April 2021


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27th April 2021

Running: How to improve endurance and build stamina for long runs - Stylist Magazine

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10th April 2021

Can high-tech trainers supercharge YOUR post-lockdown gym sessions? - Mail Online

From insoles with motion sensors that analyse runs and also provide real-time coaching to high performance footwear made from sustainable materials

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25th March 2021

The New Smart Wearables We Love - Sheerluxe

To hit your fitness goals, it helps to have an insight into your body and how it’s working.

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5th March 2021

NURVV Run Review: Are smart insoles the future of your training?

FITNESS watches have dominated the wearables market for years, but is that about to change? NURVV has created running insoles to shake up the market - and we've put them to the test.

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23rd February 2021

Best At Home Fitness Equipment To Buy in 2021

From weights to spinning bikes, here's all the best at-home gym equipment so you can work out from your living room.

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5th March 2021

Review: Nurvv Run: Smart Insoles that improve form

These pressure-sensing insoles are a great diagnostic tool for leveling up training or addressing painful running woes.

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6th March 2021

Dramatically improve your jogging

These high-tech insoles offer a wealth of data if you're using the pandemic to prep for your next marathon.

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Fit and Well

9th February 2021

‘I tried smart insoles and they changed the way I run' How Nurvv Run Insoles helped our writer become a better runner

Nurvv Run Insoles are one of the first smart insoles on the market, and aim to track the way you run in more detail than even the best running watches.

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26 January 2021

NURVV Run announces Dame Kelly Holmes as global ambassador

NURVV Run, pioneers of wearable technology and biomechanics that help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk, has unveiled its first official athlete association, with British running legend, Dame Kelly Holmes, the first British woman to win two Olympic gold medals at the same Games in over 80 years.

Dame Kelly Holmes, says:

"I've been really impressed with NURVV Run and I can see how their innovative smart insole technology will help runners and coaches gain a huge amount of insight to facilitate coaching support and enhance performance. Knowledge really is power when it comes to training and in this respect NURVV Run is a game changer.

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220 Triathlon

1st February 2021


Just when you thought every metric-measuring tri tool had been invented, along strides this cutting-edge insole from Nurvv, designed to give you next level of insight into your run technique.

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DEC 1, 2020

England Athletics welcomes NURVV Run as a new Official Partner and the Lead Partner of the England Athletics Club Run programme

NURVV Run, pioneers of wearable technology and biomechanics that help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury risk, is proud to announce a new partnership with England Athletics.

The partnership will see NURVV Run named headline partner of the England Athletics Club Run programme - an initiative providing expert face-to-face and digital coaching expertise to road running clubs across the country.


NOV 3 2020

Move over, Fitbit – here comes the Nurvv Run

This ambitious new running accessory, Nurvv Run, from a startup in south-west London, eclipses – and by some distance – all other running-analysis gadgets I’ve seen. Eat your heart out Fitbits, Garmins, Apple Watches and the rest.


NOV 16 2020

The best tech gifts and fitness gadgets for exercise lovers

If the person you’re buying for is not a fan of watches, or you’re looking for something even more impressive, try these run-tracking insoles. They monitor every step from the source of the action to provide real-time insights and tailored training.


NOV 12 2020

The Smartest Gadgets A Man Can Buy In 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running form, or even just get a deeper overview of your work-outs than smartwatches can provide, then the Nurvv Run is here to help. Slip a pair of smart sensor insoles into your running shoes, connect them to GPS and your mobile phone, and be on your way.


NOV 7 2020

Running app to avoid injuries is good for the sole

The technology, created by a start-up called Nurvv, aims to improve on wrist-worn devices by moving the sensors to your feet. While a Fitbit, for example, can keep tabs on your heart rate and count your steps, it cannot tell you if your bad habits are causing long-term damage.



NOV 5 2020

It doesn’t get any more detailed than a pair of smart insoles

I’ll be using Nurvv during my training and sharing my insights with you all as I finally get on track to improving my weaknesses



OCT 31 2020

NURVV Run Review: Personalized insights and real-time coaching

NURVV Run is a must have for novice and expert runners alike. It delivers personalized insights and unique coaching explanations and tips on how you can improve your technique, enabling you to run faster, longer, and reach your training goals. I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys this meditative, cardiovascular sport. Run, baby run!



OCT 17 2020

If you want to take your form to the next level…

Nurvv are insoles (that you literally cannot feel) that have sensors & can help coach you on what YOU need to be doing to improve.

Adelle Tracey


OCT 3, 2020

Making sure I am one step ahead with Nurvv insoles

After being injured for 6 weeks during lockdown, I am interested to see how Nurvv's key running metrics can help reduce my risk of injury as I start back training a head of such an important year.

Ben Gregory


SEPT 22 2020

I’m running with Nurvv again & here’s why you’d be crazy not to as well.

I’m a huge fan of tech wearables that allow you to monitor your progress and keep you on track towards those goals.

Run4 Adventure


JUN 9 2020

NURVV RUN INSOLES Review / New running tech / Run for adventure

After 3 weeks of running and over 100 miles with them in our shoes, here's our full in-depth review of the NURVV Run insole system.

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