6 of the Best Home Workouts for Runners

If you can’t get out and run at the moment, it doesn’t have to impact your fitness. A home workout plan can be extremely effective, and keeping active is not only good for your mental and physical health, it’s also a great way to keep occupied if you’re self-isolating.

From YouTube to IGTV, there are loads of free training resources to try and, as gyms close, many instructors are offering their regular studio classes online, too.

Here are some of our favourites.

YouTube home workouts for runners

1. Ben Parkes

Running coach Ben Parkes has a 2.25 marathon PB, a couple of 100-mile races and the odd ultra under his belt. But don’t worry if you’re new to running, his YouTube channel offers reassuringly simple workouts suitable for all levels.

The 10-minute strength routine for runners can easily be done in the living room and his dumbbell and kettlebell workouts are great if you have equipment at home.

2. Yoga with Adrienne

With more than 6 million subscribers, Texas-based instructor Adrienne Mishler is one of the most popular yogis on YouTube. Her no-nonsense style is a big part of the appeal – there’s little talk of chakras here.

Tight-hamstringed runners will also be glad to hear, you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to take part. Phew.

Try the yoga videos specifically targeted at runners including Yoga for Runners – Physical and Mental Stamina, Yoga for Tired Legs and 7-minute Yoga for Runners.

3. James Dunne

Runner, coach and rehab specialist James Dunne, says his YouTube channel is designed to help runners run strong and injury-free – sign us up. There’s loads of useful content on there, particularly the workouts targeted to specific body parts where many runners have a weakness (hello glutes).

He posts new videos weekly with everything from bodyweight exercises to resistance band workouts, foam rolling techniques and pro athlete’s training sessions. Challenge yourself to Eliud Kipchoge’s core strength workout or try 4 must-do glute exercises for runners.

4. The Body Coach TV

The Body Coach Joe Wickes is the king of free home HIIT workouts with more than 250 to choose from on his YouTube channel.

Most contain plyometric moves, jumping movements such as high knees and burpees, which are great for boosting your running speed and power. There are workouts using dumbbells and kettlebells if you have home equipment and low-impact workouts if you’re injured, too.

5. Vert Run

Can’t get to the mountains? Trail running specialist Vert Run has you covered. It’s created home workouts including a HIIT core routine to give your cardio fitness and core a blast, and a HIIT and leg strength session, too.

If you’re looking for something long-term, its also devised a four-week indoor training plan for trail runners.

6. Les Mills

If you’re a fan of group exercise, then Les Mill’s workouts – as taught in gyms across the globe – have all the feel of a group fitness class from the comfort of your living room.

There’s loud music, flashing lights and instructors putting a group through their paces on screen. Our favourite session is the 30-minute Grit class, a seriously tough HIIT workout complete with mountain climbers, burpees and tuck jumps. The single-leg deadlift lifts are particularly great for runners.

If you fancy mixing it up, Bodycombat sessions involve martial arts inspired moves and the Hip Hop dance workouts could have hilarious consequences.

Instagram home workouts

Check out the following studios on Instagram for free live workouts, timetables are usually posted the day before.

Barry’s Bootcamp



Boutique fitness studio Barry’s started life in Hollywood and is best-known for its classes combining treadmill sprints and strength work. While studios in the UK and US are shut, Barry’s is offering free live classes on Instagram TV. Keep an eye on Instagram Stories for times in your region.

Mile High Run Club


NYC’s treadmill and strength-training studio is hosting live bodyweight workouts on Instagram during closure. The workouts are free but they’ve set up a donation page to help support their coaches.

Digme Fitness


With Digme’s studios in London and Oxford closed, the indoor cycling, HIIT and yoga specialist is hosting free daily classes on IGTV.



Swanky London fitness studios 1Rebel are also hitting Insta Live, with interval sessions fusing strength and cardio.

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