COMING SOON: Running Economy

Keep your eyes peeled for the newest NURVV feature on the block, Running Economy.

Launching later this month, Running Economy is designed to boost your running efficiency, improve your form, and give you the knowledge you need to run further and faster.

Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Running Economy?

Running Economy is a new NURVV Run metric. It measures how efficient your running is and offers targeted advice to help you improve.

We like to think of it in terms of a car.

You can calculate how economical your car is by how many miles it covers per gallon of fuel. Running Economy works in a similar way. By measuring how much energy you use as you run.

Calculated in metres per kcal, the more distance you can cover per unit of energy burned, the better your Running Economy.

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Why is Running Economy important for runners?

Running Economy is a great performance indicator – so you can get a good idea of your predicted time over certain distances or in upcoming races.

Improving your Running Economy can give your running performance a boost, too. You’ll be able to:

  • Run faster over a set distance

  • Run further before you fatigue

  • Hold a faster pace for longer

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Where can I find out about my Running Economy?

You’ll find insights about your Running Economy in the NURVV Run app.

After each run you’ll see your average Running Economy for that session. You can also take a deep dive into the data with insights on:

  • Running Economy per split

  • Your most Economical split

  • Your moment-to-moment Running Economy

  • How your Running Economy varied with Pace

  • How your Running Economy varied with your running Form

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Now I understand it, how can I improve my Running Economy?

NURVV Run’s new Form Coach feature (coming soon) gives you all the tools you need to improve your Running Economy, with personalised workouts to show;

  • Your Running Economy in different pace brackets
  • The amount of time you could shave off your runs by improving your Running Economy
  • A detailed breakdown of your form and how it impacts your economy
    Create a workout to help you improve your RE

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