Our latest app update is here

Sound the update klaxon!

The latest NURVV Run app release is here, and we’ve been working hard to add some of your most requested features.

Designed to help you get the most from your running, update your app now to enjoy these great new training tools:

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Compatible with Heart Rate Monitors

Our latest app update means NURVV Run now connects to Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors, including all devices that support BLE HRM.

As you run, you’ll get live Heart Rate alerts on the app or through your Bluetooth headphones, letting you know just what zone you’re training in. And when you finish your session, you’ll have a full Heart Rate report to look over, making it even easier to train at your chosen intensity.

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NURVV RUN Metrics now include Elevation. So you can see just how high you’ve climbed during your run and monitor how your Pace, Cadence and other aspects of your run technique vary according to elevation.

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Auto Pause

Don’t want to record time spent waiting at traffic lights or trying your shoelaces when you train? NURVV Run now comes with Auto Pause.

When you stop, Auto Pause puts your run on hold. No pressing buttons or fiddling with the app, it automatically resumes when you set off again. Audio and visual notifications let you know when your run is paused and resumed.

If you’re not a fan of Auto Pause, just turn it off in settings to record your run continuously and pause your run manually.

Manual Run Entry

Been for a run without NURVV Run? No problem. You can now manually upload runs to the app, so you’ve got all your training data in one place.

Manually uploading any runs completed without NURVV means your Training Load and Running Health Score are always up to date, so you’ve got all the information you need to make good decisions about your training.

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Daily Run Allowance

Finding that sweet spot between running enough to boost your fitness and slipping into overtraining mode can be tricky. Run too much and you risk injury, run too little and you won’t see those performance gains

Which is why we’ve introduced Daily Run Allowance.

Daily Run Allowance gives you a suggested running distance each day. Meaning you can plan your training, knowing you’re in the optimum zone to meet your goals without increasing your injury risk.

Tracker Firmware update

Our latest update includes a firmware upgrade. Updating the firmware allows us to introduce new features and make small refinements and bug fixes. It speeds up your trackers so they’ll run even faster, too.

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