Using Footstrike Trainer to adapt your footstrike

Find out how Footstrike Trainer can benefit your running and some of the best ways to use it.

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Pace & Distance Accuracy

When you buy a GPS watch you expect it to be accurate. However, a typical error for even a high-end GPS watch is about 2-3%. We discuss the limitations of GPS for measuring running performance and outline why we believe a fusion of top-line GPS data with an advanced inertial navigation system is the optimal solution.

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How to Run Faster

Have you ever thought about how to run faster? In this short article we explore the two elements for quicker running - cadence and step length.

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The NURVV Story

This is how NURVV came to be. From an idea, to a product. Here's our story.

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6 of the Best Home Workouts for Runners

From YouTube to Instagram TV, boost your running fitness with these free indoor workouts for runners.

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8 Ways to Stay Running Fit if You're Social Distancing

From solo sessions to improve your running, to home workouts and virtual races, here’s how to stay fit and healthy when you’re social distancing.

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It's as Easy as ABC

Coach Jerry Faulkner is leading daily workouts aimed at developing agility, balance and co-ordination. Read more about his approach and join him on Instagram Live.

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How Many Times a Week Should I Run?

How often should I run? Is it ok to run everyday? Here’s the expert advice on your training questions.

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6 Workouts to Improve Running Speed and Endurance

Do you find all your runs end up the same pace? Want to kick your training up a notch? Wondered how to get faster but don't know how? This short article details six workouts that you can use to add some spice to your training.

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Creating a Base Run to use with Pace Coach

Before you can use NURVV Run's unique Pace Coach feature you need to create a base run. This short article details how to create a Base Run.

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Using Pace Coach For Recovery Runs

Are you guilty of running your recovery runs too fast? This short articles details how to use NURVV's Pace Coach feature to optimize running technique and keep you in the right training zone.

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How to do an Interval Workout with Pace Coach

There are hundreds of ways to do an interval workout. These short feature details how Pace Coach can be used to do a half mile repeat interval session.

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How to Train For a Postponed Marathon

If your spring race has been postponed until autumn, these training adjustments will ensure you keep that hard-earned running fitness and build a bulletproof body in the process.