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To celebrate National Fitness Day we wanted to share some of our favourite post-run stretches to really move your body. Whether you want to stretch out your muscles after a long run or just need to put some music on and stretch your body to unwind from the day, we've got the perfect 10 minute flow for you.


1. Knee to Chest


  • lay on your back and extend both legs
  • bend one knee and bring it to the chest
  • graspthat kneewith both hands and hold tight
  • keep the other leg straight and parallel to the floor(either on the floor or slightly lifted)
  • gently pull your bent knee toward your trunk
  • hold the stretch
  • slowly release and extend the leg and bring the other knee to your chest
  • repeat for the other side
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2. Glute Stretch


  • lay on your back and bend both knees
  • legs parallel to the floor and grab one knee towards the chest
  • place the ankle of that leg onto the other thigh (below opposite knee)
  • place both hands around the back of that thigh
  • bring both legs closer to your chest
  • hold the stretch

3. Clams with resistance band


  • lay down on one side and place a resistance band around your thighs
  • stack the legs on top of each other
  • bend the knees in 45-degree angle
  • use your lower arm for support and top arm to steady your frame
  • stack the hipbones on top of one another and pull your belly button in
  • keeping your feet touching, slowly raise your upper knee up
  • keep the lower leg on the ground
  • don’t rotate your hips or pelvis
  • pause, and slowly drop the upper leg
  • repeat

4. Shin stretch with foam roller


  • start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips (make sure that you tuck the tailbone in)
  • place the roller under both shins and start slowly extending both legs back
  • roll the foam roller forward and back and as you do that, try to find tight and tender areas alongside each shin
  • hold the roller under any tight spots for about 30 seconds.
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5. Frog Pose


  • start on all fours and open the knees wide
  • keep the knees parallel to the hips
  • open your feet wider than your knees
  • flex both feet and point your toes outwards
  • keep your back flat and arms in front
  • hands below the shoulders
  • tuck your tailbone under
  • lower the hips and hold the stretch

6. Spiderman Hip Stretch


  • start in a plank position and place the hands under the shoulders
  • feet together, legs fully extended
  • step forward with one leg to the outside of one hand (same side)
  • place the foot under the front knee
  • hold the stretch for 30sec
  • drop the hips low and return to the starting position and continue the exercise for the other leg

7. Spiderman Rotations


  • start in a high plank (arms straight)
  • bring one foot close to the hand (same side)
  • drop the back knee down onto the floor
  • now lift and extend the arm that is closer to the front knee, allowing for upper body rotation
  • hold that position for 3 sec, then bring the hand down and the foot back to meet the other
  • repeat the exercise for the other side

8. Glute Bridges


  • lay down on your back
  • bend your knees and place your feet below the knees feet hip-width apart
  • now slowly start pushing your hips up
  • squeeze your glutes
  • hold hips up high and hold
  • slowly drop your hips down to the floor (squeeze glutes throughout)
  • start again and lift the hips up as high as you can

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