The benefits of Metric Profiles

Does your cadence decrease as you tire or your step length increase as you rack up the miles? If you want to know how your technique changes as you run, Metric Profiles has all the answers.

Designed to provide a detailed look at how your running metrics vary over the course of an individual run, Metric Profiles lets you monitor technique changes during each and every session.

You can view continuous data for five key metrics, Cadence, Step Length, Footstrike, Pronation, and Pace, all broken down into handy km or mile splits. And you’ll get tailored training tips and exercises to help you work on your technique, too.

What are the benefits of Metric Profiles?

Monitoring changes in your technique helps you understand how you can run further, faster and injury free. Here’s how you can use Metric Profiles to inform your training.

It can boost your speed and reduce injury risk

With Pace, Cadence and Step Length Profiles you can see how your form changes as you tire on longer runs. Knowing whether fatigue causes you to reduce your step length or drop your cadence, for example, will help you pinpoint the areas you need to work on in training to boost your speed and reduce the risk of injury.

It can help you select the best footwear

If you’ve ever bought new running shoes you’ve probably had your gait assessed on a treadmill. But your pronation patterns – the rolling motion of the foot as it lands – can vary between indoor and outdoor runs and across different terrains.

Pronation Profile shows you how you pronate on the surfaces you run on most, and whether this holds true for the duration of your run. Armed with all the data you can ensure you choose the best shoes for you.

It monitors your footstrike

While many of us think we know how our feet hit the ground when we run, studies show we’re often wrong. With Footstrike Profile you’ll learn whether you land with your rear-, mid- or forefoot and whether this changes as you speed up, slow down or fatigue.

If you’re working on transitioning your footstrike, Footstrike Profile has all the data you need and works in tandem with the new Footsrike Trainer feature available for Indoor Run mode.

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