The Benefits of Using Pace Coach

While run technique coaching has become more popular in recent years, the costs associated with one-to-one coaching or visiting a sports lab mean that it has been out of reach for many runners.

Pace Coach is a unique feature in NURVV Run which offers technique coaching during every run. It works by using the 32 precision sensors integrated into the insoles to develop an in-depth analysis of a runner’s individual form. This is then used to provide in run step length and cadence coaching.

Below are just a few ways that Pace Coach can help your running:

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Run Faster

Pace Coach can help you to get faster or even target a new PR by coaching you on your Cadence and Step Length – the two metrics that together determine your pace. Simply choose the pace you want to run at, and Pace Coach will create a workout with Cadence and Step Length target zones based on your unique running form. During your workout, you’ll receive audio, visual and haptic feedback to help keep you in your target zones, and running at your target pace. This Guide to Using Pace Coach to Run Faster explains exactly how.

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Run Intervals

Intervals are a staple for any runner who wishes to improve and typically consist of a period of effort and a period of rest. Pace Coach can be used during the periods of effort to optimize technique and help a runner meet their split goals. This guide to using Pace Coach to Run Intervals explains exactly how.

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Recovery Runs

To run faster over longer distances such as half and full marathons, you need to have a well developed aerobic energy system. Training for the aerobic energy system needs to be performed at low intensity, but it’s common for runners to neglect this or to gradually increase the pace during a run. Pace Coach can help you to pace your Recovery Runs for maximum training benefit, whilst working on your running technique too. Learn more in our Guide to Using Pace Coach for Recovery Runs.

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