Welcome to NURVV’s newest release – Running Power

Have you got the power?

A measure of real-time effort as you run, Running Power gauges exactly how hard you’re running every step of the way.

Measured in Watts, unlike Heart Rate, with Running Power there’s no time lag, so you’ll always know just how hard you’re working at any given time. The higher the Watts, the tougher the effort.

Where Running Power wins over Pace, is that it also takes external factors, such as wind and gradient into account. So you can pace your runs consistently and reduce the risk of burn out.

Here’s how to use our newest training tool.

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Indoor and Outdoor runs

Running Power is available on both Indoor and Outdoor runs. You’ll see Running Power displayed on your phone or watch and hear audio cues as you run.

After each run, a Form Report guides you through your power output, showing variations across your run and giving you tips to improve on future runs.

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Power Test

Power Test is a fun but challenging workout that helps you gauge your Threshold Power.

Threshold Power is the power output you can sustain for around 45-60 minutes – roughly your 10k pace.

The Power Test only takes 10 minutes and can be used to create your personalised Power Zones.

Ranging from 1-6, Power Zones show you the best zones to train in to meet different running goals.

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Power Workouts

Power Workouts are where the fun really starts. Using Power Zones you can build interval workouts to use on the track, treadmill or road.

Simply plug in the zone you want to run for a certain distance and then add your intervals. You might want to run 5km easy for example, followed by 4 x 500 hard, 500 easy.

With Running Power it doesn’t matter if you’re on a hilly course or running into a headwind, you’ll always put in the exact effort needed to make those running gains.

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In-run visual cues also available on Apple Watch.

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