Can I Use NURVV Run indoors?

Yes. NURVV Run can be used indoors.

An Indoor Run mode is offered and provides In-Run coaching for the duration of the session.

Why Does NURVV Run Say Something Different to The Treadmill?

When completing an Indoor workout, you might notice some discrepancies between the values displayed on Nurvv Run and the treadmill.

This can be due to a number of factors, the most important being that the treadmill is set at a constant speed, whilst the actual speed of your moving body that is generated by your feet will vary between each stride. Nurvv is sensitive and accurate enough to pick up those variations.

The type and condition (age and calibration history) of the treadmill will also determine the accuracy of the treadmill (e.g. does the belt speed match the displayed speed). Additionally, any flex/bounce in the treadmill belt could slightly affect the accuracy of your NURVV speed and distance metrics.

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